What’s this about?

Hi, being new to this I am building this blog over the coming weeks just about things I’m interested in.  My main hobby at the moment is growing my own veg and 2009 is my 2nd year (the 1st was a bit hit and miss!).  I have a few raised beds in the garden (sum total of 300 sq foot) and a greenhouse.  So it’s a pretty small area but I manage to pack in as much as possible to give my family a variety of fresh veg all year round.  This blog is for anyone who is just starting out and wants a few no-nonsense tips on what to do, anyone who has limited time, (I work full-time and have 2 kids), or has a relatively small area.  The blog title “Two chances” comes from my no fuss approach to growing, everything I plant has two chances – live or die – and I don’t get to bothered when things don’t work out as planned!  I’ve found from experience that most stuff will grow without going into all the detail you see in some of the books, everything you need to know is pretty much on the packet, just get out there and sow!!

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