Surviving the Storm

Well last night was the first real storm we’ve had for a while and I’m glad to say the veg plot survived pretty much unscathed.  The purple sprouting took a bit of a battering and are now leaning slightly but as they were packed in pretty tight together they seem to have held each other up.  The fence panel by the small bed came down, luckily this is were the beans were this year and I had just cleared it a couple of weeks back so no damage done.  By 10am a new panel was in place (I have a few spares in the garage as our garden is fenced on three of the four sides).

Small bed 6' x 6'

You can just see the new panel behind the small bed.

Large bed 18'x 6'

The large bed was mainly brassica’s this year and is still pretty full.  From front to back there 3 rows of parsnips (tender & true), a couple of rows of brussel sprouts (think the variety is maximus hybrid?), 2 rows of swede (virtue), a row of chard (bright lights), a row of cabbage (golden acre), 2 rows of kale (dwarf green curled and scarlet) and then about 8 purple sprouting brocolli plants (mix of early & late).  It’s all packed in there but we’re now starting to harvest the winter veg as the nights are drawing in and turning colder.


The leeks have been poor again this year.  I’m going to try a different variety next year.  These are Musselburgh and are not as big as I expected. 

Spring cabbage plants

I’ve planted out a few spring cabbages about a month ago that I’d sown in trays in the greenhouse and they’ve started to grow on.  The variety is Pixie and they are dotted about wherever there is space.

I’ve also put in a couple of varities of lettuce over-winter (artic king and winter density) both in the greenhouse and outside, first time I’ve tried this so I’ll see how it goes.

The next job is to clear the front bed of squash and courgette, the courgettes in particular have been amazing this year, I had 3 plants (2 yellow and 1 green) and estimate around 40 courgettes per plant from mid-May to end of October.  The strawberry plants have run amock and need sorting out and the last 2 or 3 butternut squash will soon succumb to the oven!

Front garden bed

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