Sorting out the greenhouse

This weekend I’m sorting out the greenhouse. First I dug all the old compost out of the bed and then cleaned the staging and glass with Jeyes fluid diluted in water (35ml to 5 litres). Then I left the greenhouse shut up for 24 hours to let the disinfectent do its job before the final rinse down. It’s important to sterilise your greenhouse and any pots, trays etc to remove any chance of diseases taking hold. As I have no heating in the greenhouse I then insulated in bubblewrap, £14.99 from eBay for a 750mm x 100m roll; I used about half the roll for my 8×6′ greenhouse and attached it to the aluminium frame with an assortment of bulldog clips and clothes pegs. This should keep it frost-free allowing me to grow on seedlings in the greenhouse during February. It extends the season and also stops the windowsills in the house getting filled with an assortment of pots and trays!


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