Garlic, Shallots & Onions

Now is the right time to plant out your garlic cloves and shallot & onion sets. I’ve planted mine in the 6′ by 6′ small bed which has had a generous amount of rotted compost added. The garlic cloves are ‘Purple Wight’ and I spaced them 4″ apart, planting to twice their depth in two 6′ rows 12″ apart. The shallots are ‘Golden Gourmet’ sets planted 7″ apart, rows 12″ apart. I plant shallot sets half in, half out of the soil. The onion sets, ‘Centurion’, again in rows 12″ apart, but unlike the shallots they are almost buried with only the tips showing. I have half my onion sets at 4″ spacing and half at 2″ so I should have a good mix of large and medium sized onions (and that way I managed to squeeze all the sets into the small bed!). I mound the soil up before I plant my onion and shallot sets, I think at this time of year having the soil in long raised mounds will mean it warms up quicker and drains better than just planting them directly into a flat bed. And last of all the sets are covered with netting to stop the birds pulling them up. By the end of July they should be ready to lift and dry out when the foliage has died back.

The small raised beds with 2 rows of garlic, 1 & 1/2 rows of shallots and 3 & 1/2 rows of onion sets.

Shallots ‘Golden Gourmet’.

Garlic cloves ‘Purple Wight’ ready to plant out.


5 responses to “Garlic, Shallots & Onions

  1. Hi Damo

    Question – why do you want smaller onions as well as big ones? Do you cook them whole or pickle them or something? I’m fascinated to know the reason for your variable spacing regime ….

  2. Hi, the main reason is I am trying to cram them all into my small bed. I don’t have much room overall so don’t want to give up too much to onions. Also I’ve become hooked on exhibiting since last year’s local show and there’s an over and an under 250g category so I am hoping that the ones closer together will be alright for the under 250g. If it doesn’t work I won’t be too fussed as I love pickled onions! All the best for 2010.

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