Artichoke soup……….done!

With a couple of tonne of the blighters in the garden I am now on the search for Jerusalem Artichoke recipes. Thanks to Mal for this great recipe. Easy to make and tasted great. Chloe loved it too! Artichoke soup……..done!


4 responses to “Artichoke soup……….done!

  1. HI,
    I can’t help with recipes, I have never grown Jerusalem artichokes but wanted to let you know I have enjoyed visiting your blog and reading about your garden.

  2. Hi Tracy thanks for popping by I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. I love your blog too and great to see things in full bloom, makes a change from the sub-zero temperatures here! I’ve made a note of the zucchini choc chip cookie recipe as well as we will be awash with them in a few months. You’re also my most far flung visitor, I’ve been twice to Australia and lived in Sydney for 9 months a few years back. If it weren’t for the pull of my family back home I’d probably still be there! All the best for 2010.

  3. Great blog, I look forward to following your progress this year. And thanks for the listing! I have returned the compliment.


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