Veg tips!

Here are some tips that I have learnt recently. Some I’ve tried and others I haven’t got round to yet. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these.

Marigolds – great companion plants but it’s the dead flowers you want. I only found this out last year after diligently de-heading them like a good gardener!

When sowing carrots sprinkle in some vermiculite to ward off the dreaded carrot fly.

Grow a white flowering variety of runner beans, they’re self-pollinating so you’re not reliant on the insects. Don’t use a wig-wam for runners, only climbing french beans.

Tomatoes – when the first truss forms tap every day to self-pollinate.

To boost your greenhouse production you need to up your CO2 – fill a pot with manure, clingfilm over the top with 6 pencil holes in, this should be enough from October to May. Not sure how PC this one is??

Rotting onions or parsnip canker? Try using a small amount of vermiculite mixed with flowers of sulphur in the seed drill or when planting onions.

Clean tools with tomato sauce – apply with a coarse brush and leave on the tool for 2 hours then wash off and dry thoroughly.

Use the cress test for manure from a new source that may have been contaminated with herbicides – also use for testing your water butt quality.

5-6% full fat milk in water is now used to control many pests and diseases.

That’s all for now……………


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