I’m quite pleased with these snips.

7 responses to “Snips

  1. Blimey, they’re brilliant. So much better than the short stubby things I grew last year. I’m trying a different variety this year, though I think it’s my soil rather than the type which caused the problems. They still tasted good though.

    • Thanks Jo I was pleased with them although they’ve been in the ground for 12 months! Saying that apart from thinning out I haven’t gone near them although they may have benefited from some extra protection from the mesh tunnel covering the brussels which may have kept the worst of the winter weather off. Reminds me I must get on and sow this years. Best of luck with yours.

    • Meant to ask what variety are you trying this year? It may be the soil that is too rich, that’s why my carrots didn’t do anything special. This time I haven’t touched the area I’m growing carrots in and will also add sand to make a poor soil, fingers crossed.

  2. I’m trying Tender and True this year. I don’t think it was anything to do with the soil being too rich, as we only got the allotment last year and we didn’t do anything to it, other than bunging everything in and hoping for the best. We had some successes and some failures, so this year we’re trying to get some goodness back into the soil, well, if this weather ever lets up.

    • That’s the variety I grew, the first ones I dug up weren’t that big, maybe a patch I didn’t thin out enough. But the ones I’ve dug up recently have been great, sadly dug the last up today, a long wait for the next parsnip. Been nice here today, kept warm shovelling manure all day!

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