It won’t stop raining!

Well I felt a bit better today and just needed to get out of the house after two days stuck indoors. With all this greyness around at the moment I was in search of some colour to share with you. So I packed the family off to our local In-Excess and garden centre. Picked up some bargains in In-Excess, packs of summer bulbs (Dahlias and Gladioli) for 95p, seeds (Summer Squash, Autumn/Winter Cauliflower, Rudbekia) for 50p and some more marigold seeds for 25p. Well worth a visit, they have stores in Salisbury, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Christchurch.

The garden centre we went to was quite small but had some welcome colour.

Some nice Polyanthus.

Beautiful primroses and some daffs.

Back home just a bit of sowing and pricking out to do really as the plot is unworkable with this heavy rain. In the greenhouse growing on are onions, cauliflowers, calabrese, tomotoes, sunflowers and marigolds.

On the windowsill indoors are leeks, pepper, chillies and little gem lettuce. No real signs of life on the plot yet, the broad beans haven’t come up so I have some in pots as back up. Garlic, shallots and onions are still dormant and nothing off the PSB yet. Hopefully we’ll get some sun and warmer weather in the next couple of weeks.

A couple of bursts of colour in the garden. A nice clump of winter heather and some Crocus (I think) almost coming into bloom.


4 responses to “It won’t stop raining!

  1. Hi Damo, that a lovely lot of cheery colour there. You are the second person to mention In-Excess recently. I’ve never heard of them before, but a friend of mine went to the one in Salisbury a couple of weeks ago, I must check it out.
    You look like you have a good start on the seed sowing. I enlarged your photo to see what the seedling are that look a bit leggy, they are the marigolds and the tomatoes ! is it because of the low light levels ? as my Cerinthe have gone a bit leggy like that too.
    I like the look of your blog, the layout and the font style is very neat.
    M 🙂

  2. Thanks very much I kind of just fell upon the blog layout really. In-Excess is great you never know what they will have in as they buy up end-of-line or bankrupt stock all the time. They have a reasonable gardening section and we bought loads of cheap stickers and crafty-type stuff for the girls. The real leggy seedlings are calabrese which is my fault as I left them in the propagator too long as I was on a course and then sick for a couple of days. Still I’m sowing some more so will have a good choice when the weather perks up eventually. Low light levels don’t help as you say, come on sun!

  3. You certainly found plenty of colour to share. You’re much further on than I am. I managed to get the seeds sown a fortnight ago potted on at the weekend, but have held off sowing anything else yet as I still haven’t got the allotment dug over and I fear that I will have everything ready to plant out and nowhere for them to go. I wish this weather would perk up.

  4. I am hoping that today is the real start of spring, gorgeous day, and the 5 day forecast looks fine and warm during the day, fingers crossed.

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