Back in the Saddle

It was good to get back out in the garden today after missing out last weekend to illness. It’s great that it’s warmed up a few degrees and been fairly dry. Managed to get loads of sowing done, sweetpeas (southbourne), peppers (denver F1), courgettes (Orelia F1), squash (scallop mixed), tomatoes (tumbling tom, marmande, gardeners delight, tomatillo), calabrese (aquiles F1) all in various trays, pots and toilet rolls on windowsills and in the greenhouse. On the plot I sowed carrots (javelot) and parsnips (exhibition), all in all a very satisfying afternoon.

Also stage 1 of my long carrot experiment is complete. I drilled a few holes in the bottom of two old dustbins and filled with sand. These are now settling as I wait for the key ingredients for my growing medium to arrive. Should be ready to get the bins prepared and seeds sown next weekend. Will get some more details and pics posted then.


5 responses to “Back in the Saddle

  1. Hi Damo, I left a reply on my blog for you re- the Dahlias. I Thought I would drop by to yours to ask if you would like some of my dahlia seeds saved from favourites from last year. I grew 70 ! yes 70 !! they all germinated. Very easy to grow and it makes it so much cheaper, I had some fantastic colours and obviously they all become tubers when they are mature plants, so you can then leave them in and hope for the best or dig up the fave ones and store them over winter.
    let me know if you would like some seeds.


  2. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. I had a marathon seed sowing session yesterday too. The windowsills are filling up at quite a pace.

  3. Thanks Jo feeling much better now and loving all the pots and trays dotted about, a real sign of spring. Thanks Maureen for the seed offer I’m looking forward to growing loads of flowers this year for the first time.

  4. Oh cool, a long carrot, is it a competition?? We are having a heaviest onion comp on or lotties. Took me to tell them weight wold be more exciting to base it on than size – men, really! It isn’t everything.

  5. I am hoping to enter the Salisbury Community Show this year as well as my local Horticultural Society show. I’ve not had success with carrots really so far and so by my nature it means I need to have a go at growing super-huge carrots now, I suppose if I’d managed to grow fairly decent ones to start with I wouldn’t bother. I can see myself being addicted to competition growing in a few years time, love the detail of it, like the growing medium for the long carrots, it’s like a recipe, hoping to get them going this weekend so will post details soon.

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