Shed Envy

From reading various blogs it seems to be the time of year people confess to messy sheds, greenhouses, compost heaps etc. The first I saw was Soilman’s and since then a few others have popped up. Well here’s my bolthole, it’s my garage and to think I have parked the car in here in the past. So not a shed as such but it still gets filled with all sorts. Attached to the garage at one end is a workshop were I stash the tools and have some old kitchen cupboards and worktop which give a good area for sowing seeds. This is my sanctuary and you’ll normally find me in here around 7.30pm, after the kids are in bed, for an hour or so. Today I’d bought a few terracotta-style plastic pots of various sizes from In-Excess. I sowed carrots (Amsterdam Forcing 3) in some and planted some dahlia tubers in the others. All the pots went into the greenhouse. Not a bad hours work, now I’m sure there’s some football on tonight!


6 responses to “Shed Envy

  1. I think it looks pretty respectable!

  2. Yeh not bad I suppose, still struggle to find exactly what I want though at times, par for the course for any bloke though!

  3. You won’t be seeing me post any pictures of my shed, it’s an absolute mess and is top of the ‘things to do’ list which I have made for my hubby. You can’t even see the floor in mine.

  4. I’m sure he’s looking forward to that! I clean our garage once a year but doesn’t take long for the floor to start dissapearing, constant battle against my instinct just to dump stuff anywhere!

  5. You have a shredder!!!

  6. Mal, yes I do I must get round to using it some time!

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