What’s Growing?

Time for an update on what’s growing………..or not.

On the plot the overwintered spring cabbages and lettuce seem to be growing but no sign of the broad beans, garlic, onions or shallots yet. The 1 rhubarb crown I have is poking through though. I sowed carrots and parsnips last weekend so not expecting anything from them for a while.

In the greenhouse there’s cauliflower, onion, leeks, little gem lettuce and sunflower seedlings growing on. Sweet peas still yet to appear and the containers of carrots and dahlias which I made up on Tuesday night.

Indoors there’s calabrese, tomato, pepper, chilli and french marigold seedlings growing on. Waiting for more peppers, some back-up broad beans, tomatoes, squash, courgettes and cucumber to germinate.

It’s a really exciting time in the season, loads of potential and expectations are high. Can’t wait to start planting these out, patience is a virtue though, go too soon and pay the price.

Plans for the weekend. I’ll re-build the two cheap plastic cold frames I bought last year and place them straight on the plot and sow some salad crops in them, lettuce, radish and spring onions. I need to prep the two dustbins full of sand and sow some carrots which I’m hoping will come good for a couple of shows this year. The remainder of the beds need to be dug over and I’d like to start work on some compost bins. So much to do!


4 responses to “What’s Growing?

  1. You’ve been busy. I’ve got lots of seedlings growing on, and seeds waiting to germinate too, though there’s nothing planted in the allotment yet.

  2. Busy time over the next few weeks, no signs of life from what I have put in the plot though but I’m sure there’ll be some green shoots soon……..I hope!

  3. My my, you are powering on, very impressive. Thanks loads of visitng my wee blog and leaving a comment. Hope you return. Like the detail in yours and it seems we have some common blogs we like!

  4. Thanks Carrie it’s getting busier by the day here! Yes I like to keep a list of blogs I read so I can easily keep up with them. I will keep an eye on your progress and best of luck for the new season.

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