Day Out in Weymouth

What a lovely day we’ve had. I was up early with my youngest daughter, Emily, who woke just after 5.30. Managed to get her back to sleep after a bottle which meant I could get out and walk the dog for an hour whilst Rach had a lie in before the girls woke. I take our dog Polo on a circular walk around the village which follows an old Roman road for part of the way. I always wonder about the legions marching up the road from Winchester direction to Old Sarum, who knows what artefacts lie buried around this area beneath the fields. Got to the top of the hill and the sun was just coming up over a distant ridge, what a cracking sunrise it was and the sun was in my face all the way down the hill through the village.

Inspired by UpHillDownDale’s Weymouth post I decided to take the family down there for Mother’s Day. I hadn’t been for years, it’s just over an hours drive down the A354. They’re building a new Olympic relief road on the approach to Weymouth and apparently have unearthed a viking burial site containing 51 decapitated vikings.

We had a nice day, first at the farmer’s market which is on the 2nd Sunday of every month. Bought a few things, smoked mackerel, sausages, an Aberdeen Angus pasty and a bottle of Liberation from Suthwyk Ales which is going down well as I type. The girls tucked into some cheesy foccacia bread as we strolled up the line of stalls. Then we walked down past the marina, through the harbour, and along the sea front. The sun shone most of the time, the odd cloud here and there but very pleasant. Some fish and chips on the prom for lunch and a wander round the town. I’d recommend Weymouth plenty to see for a day out.

Stalls at the farmer’s market.

Dozens of cruisers and yachts at the marina.

Managed to catch the bridge opening to let some boats through.

Pretty harbour.

The beach and sea front.

Mark Anderson does these sand sculptures on the beach keeping this tradition alive.

An old tall ship with the Condor ferry in the background. You can catch a ferry to the Channel Islands and St.Malo from here.

A couple of fishing boats.

We saw two seagulls fighting over a scallop for their tea.


8 responses to “Day Out in Weymouth

  1. Glad to have played a small part in bringing more tourists to Weymouth.
    I didn’t manage to catch the bridge opening though 😦
    My brother in law will be very pleased when the new road opens, his road is currently a ‘rat run’ at peak times

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day out. I’ve never been to weymouth but it looks a lovely place. That sand sculpture’s fantastic.

    • I should have read more about it at the time, it looks like the guy gave up his career to learn how to do it and keep the tradition going, good luck to him there’s worse places to work!

  3. Thanks Uphill I didn’t really think of Weymouth until I saw your post. The new road will make a big difference the traffic was a bit of a nightmare getting into the town.

  4. Weymouth (in the sun) looks lovely! last time I was there, it was winter, cold, murky, drizzly, and I had to work in Asda for 5 days as part of “team Christmas” from the head office. Suppose like every where – looks LOADS better in the sun!

  5. Ahh Weymouth! I had my first alcoholic drink in Weymouth!! I was 8 years old and my Grandpa bought me a half pint of shandy as long as I didn’t tell Mummy!!!

  6. Brilliant Matron I like that! My daughters are a little young but I’m sure it won’t be long before I get them their first can of Shandy Bass!

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