Spring Show……I give up!

It turns out I don’t know my trumpets from my doubles, my multi-headed from my large cup, the list goes on! I didn’t realise that showing spring flowers was so complicated. Add the fact that only a couple of the 100 or so daffs I planted in Autumn are starting to show themselves and apparently I should have already cut them in preparation for Saturday’s show. To heap misery on the situation the tulips are weeks away and I don’t even grow hellebores or container primulas. I give up!

So I will just be a spectator come Saturday afternoon rather than in the running for a 1st or a cup. I’ll have to wait for the Summer show to take on my local rivals!


7 responses to “Spring Show……I give up!

  1. I’ve never exhibited anything at our local show, but I still go along to support it. I might just have a go at entering this year, but it will all depend on what I’ve got at the time. I don’t know how people manage to grow things to a specific timescale.

  2. I think I got a bit lucky last year to be honest but when I think about it most of the veg was either in the ground and can be dug up any time, spuds, carrots, parsnips or already lifted and dried, onions and shallots or cropping regularly like the salad stuff so wasn’t too difficult. It’s all about having a go really. That said I’ll be entering as many of the flower classes as possible this summer which is a whole different ball game!

  3. Must admit I’ve never been tempted to enter anything in a show. It all seems a bit too picky for my liking. If I think a flower is beautiful it’s good enough for me and I grow my veg for the taste.

    • Hi Sue yes I know what you mean although I do find the competitive element quite addictive! It’s not the reason for growing though.

  4. Have you seen the Leek shows in Newcastle? Mr Veg from the North East, and its serious business up there!! They have the Leek Show during the day (and for the previous 4 weeks, they’ve all stoood guard over their leek trenches…day and night…) and then a massive booze up on the night….first prize is a massive thing oooop there! Think its all the Northern air…?

    • I’d love to see that and like the idea of a booze up afterwards. I can see how people get obsessed with it, I’m finding myself being drawn in to the competition side of things!

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