Shower dodging

A day of showers today so I could only do the odd bit here and there after we got back from shopping in Salisbury. I noticed Homebase had 20% off and I picked up a pot of 4 runner beans for 78p (they’re well ahead of mine as I’ve not sown any yet!) and a tray of 10 celery for £1.60. I had no intention of growing celery before I popped in there but I couldn’t resist something I’d never tried before (will have to read up on it as I have no idea what I’m doing). In Poundland I bought a blackcurrant and a couple of rose bushes along with some pots and string. Chloe’s feet haven’t grown as much as we thought so there was no need to buy shoes which was a result!

In the ground went a globe artichoke I bought the other week, and the blackcurrant and rose bushes. I’ve now filled up the greenhouse and mini-greenhouse with more potting-on as you can see. On the veg front I sowed dwarf and climbing french beans in toilet rolls.

Elsewhere in the garden I spotted this flower tucked under a hedge. I think it’s from the hyacinth family.

I’ve been struggling to identify this one, I think it’s Scilla?

The first tulip is threatening to bloom.

And finally if you need a cheap way of keeping young children amused get one of these ‘tinfoil’ emergency blanket things available in Poundland, it kept our two happy for ages!


10 responses to “Shower dodging

  1. Wow, you have been busy. You are way ahead of me! I will be interested to see how your globe artichokes work out. It has been something that I had been toying with growing but decided against this year as they take up too much space. If I can find a space somewhere I might try them next year.

  2. Hi Mark, I have a long thin border against the back fence where I grow Jerusalems, as much for screening as for eating so I’ve popped the globe in at the end of them, will see what happens as it was just a bit of dried up root so I’m not even convinced it will grow. I’ve got quite into the sowing this year it’s finding the space to plant everything that’ll be interesting!

  3. You’ve been busy. It always makes me chuckle, no matter how much you spend on toys for kids, they always like the cheapest thing, which isn’t actually a toy.

  4. So cute. Try a cardboard box next. My two cried when the box was recycled “but it’s our favourite…”

  5. Our hyacinths are coming into bloom too. They tend to become more lose after having been planted outdoors but it’s definitely a hyacinth.

    The blue flower is a scillia – I think they are related to bluebells but may be wrong!

    • Thanks Sue that’s confirmed it for me, I wasn’t sure. They are very pretty I think I’ll get a few more bulbs this year to add to them.

  6. WOW and double WOW, Damo I am so impressed, you are overflowing with plants. It so good to see your enthusiasm. I hope all those flower seeds grow well for you, I’m looking forward to seeing them flower. The Red Orach by the way gets very tall, I forgot to say it’s a big plant, but very beautiful, I never did get to eat the leaves like spinach though, maybe I will try that this year. Have a good Easter. M 🙂

    • I just need to find room for them now! Everything you gave me has germinated nicely, thank you so much and I can’t wait to see them in full bloom. If all the dahlias come to fruition I’m not sure I’ll have the space as I have loads of tubers as well but I’ll give it a good go. Thanks for the tip on the Red Orach, I thought it was shooting up already. I will try and harvest some. Have a great Easter.

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