We had a lovely family day out with friends at Mottisfont Abbey, a National Trust property which had an Easter Egg Trail on today.

There were loads of spring flowers out to add some colour to our Easter Egg Trail.

Chloe was a little young for facepainting so she had her hands done instead.

We managed to decode the egg trail and the words Peter Rabbit got Chloe her egg eventually. When we got to the exit they’d run out and there was a small crowd gathering as they rushed up to the house to get another load. The kids, and parents, were patient and a few minutes later the eggs arrived. All in all a great day out. If you’re near Mottisfont in June it’s well worth a visit for the rose garden. We went last year and the colours, and scent, are amazing. Don’t fancy de-heading that lot though!


6 responses to “Mottisfont

  1. Looks like you had a great day out. The spring flowers look so pretty.

    • Hi Jo they were lovely, the best ones near here are at Heale House & Gardens but it’s becomes a bit of a procession as there are so many people there, Mottisfont is nice and chilled out with plenty of space.

  2. So did you have YOUR face painted?

  3. Your photos are lovely. I am very impressed with all the stuff in your greenhouse. Do you have a big garden as well as your plot?

  4. Hi Claire and thanks very much. My plot is in the back garden and I would guess the total garden area is 1/5 of an acre so it’s not huge, plenty big enough for me, I still don’t get time to do all the jobs. I see you’ve been busy over Easter, love the knitted chicks!

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