Hythe, Lepe & Lymington

Another family day out today in the New Forest which started with drizzle and ended by the coast in glorious sunshine. First we went to Hythe farmer’s market. There were quite a few stalls at Hythe and it was a good market to stroll around for a while. I bought some Loosehanger cheese, ‘bustard with mustard’, ‘chilli and nettle’ and a soft cheese, which had been recommended by a friend who lives near the farm where it’s made (Lover, near Salisbury, which was probably best known for its Post Office which becomes very busy at Valentines). Also picked up some nice Lyburn cheese, ‘Winchester Mature’ and a couple of pints of ‘Easter Bunnies’ which is going down well as I type.

Lovely plant stall, I resisted buying the kiwi fruit!

Hythe is ‘famous’ for its pier which is home to the world’s longest pier train. The pier is 640 metres long and was completed in 1881, the train being introduced in 1922. Chloe and Rachel enjoyed the train while I walked with Emily in the pushchair. A very bracing walk indeed, one nice feature was the messages on the planks, you can pay and have a message engraved on them.

Eventually the train caught up with me!

Then we went off to Lepe Country Park which is on the coast opposite Cowes (IoW).

We made sandcastles on the beach and had a picnic which Chloe finished off with an ice cream.

We were in a cow jam just outside of Beaulieu.

And then we enjoyed a bag of chips overlooking Lymington harbour in glorious sunshine.

Another great day out!

7 responses to “Hythe, Lepe & Lymington

  1. We have a couple of kiwis on our plot. They grow fast like grape vines and are very large.

    Last year was the first time they flowered – just three flowers between the two of them. As they are tangled together they may have been on the same plant.

    I think ours need to cross pollinate – anyway none produced a fruit – maybe this year!

    • Fingers crossed! I think kiwi fruit may be a step too far for me it just reminded me of a villa in France we stayed in that had a huge kiwi trailing over a canopy and dripping with fruit, I suppose I’m dreaming really, this is not the south of France!

  2. Lovely looking at your pictures of my old stomping ground…

  3. Looks like another lovely day out. It certainly seems as though Chloe was enjoying herself. I like the idea of all the messages on the pier.

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