Spring colour

It’s surprising just how much colour there is in the garden when you take a closer look. After finishing this morning’s chores I took a wander round and a few snaps. I also planted Chloe’s special spinning flower which she can see from living room window.

The Ranunculas is about to flower.

At the back of the rockery there’s a nice flowering shrub.

At the front of the rockery the primrose and saxifrage are in full bloom.

I think this one’s called Lungwort?

Inside the cucumbers seem to be enjoying the bathroom windowsill, they’re developing their 3rd/4th true leaves now.


10 responses to “Spring colour

  1. You must have planted your cucumber seeds ages ago! I haven’t put mine in yet, a bit too early where I am.

    • they’ll stay on the windowsill for a while and then into the greenhouse, had loads of them last year right through to early November.

  2. It’s so good to see lots of colour in the garden! I bet that Chloe’s flower looks good when it’s spinning!
    Seeing your cucumbers reminds that I’ve yet to even sow mine! Cheers.

    • She loves her flower, I’m sure there’s a few more hidden away courtesy of Poundland. Glad I reminded you about the cucumbers, we get through so many we save a small fortune on shop prices.

  3. You don’t have to look too hard to see plenty of spring colour now. It’s funny too that the daffodils seems to be behind this year, but the tulips on time.

    • yes the tulips are coming in fast now with the good sunshine we’re getting, I’ll definitely be planting more as they are lovely colour at this time of year.

  4. I am very envious of your huge cucumber plants! Your garden does look very colourful!

    We have a rainbow windmill thing that spins. And two gnomes have appeared in the veg patch, as if by magic!

    • Hi Deb thanks very much. I think more things will appear over the next few weeks. At Christmas we had a penguin and snowman out there, it all adds to the colour and fun!

  5. I love spring with everything coming back to life. Your garden looks way tidier than mine!!

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