50 not out!

Well 6 months into this blog and I’ve made it to the 50th post. It’s been great sharing my thoughts with you all and thanks for taking a look and giving your comments. Now the season is really getting going and the next 6 months will be very hectic, packed full of veg and flowers from around the garden.

I’ve gone a bit mad on the sowing and potting on over the last few weeks so I did a stock take to see where I am. Looking at the list I’m not sure where this lot is going to go but I’m determined to find room somewhere. I’ve also sown a few extra of some of the veg to give to family & friends and for the local Horticultural Society plant sale in May.

Lettuce – Salad Bowl, Little Gem, Lollo Rosso, Red Deer’s Tongue
Various mixed salad
Leek – Carlton F1
Herbs – Dill, Thyme, Basil, Parsley, Chives, Sage
Early White / Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Onion – Globo
Kale – Dwarf Green Curled & Scarlet
Carrots – Amsterdam Forcing
Swiss Chard – Bright Lights
Cabbage – Golden Acre Primo (II)
Sweetcorn – Sweet Sensation
Tomato – Brasero
Red Orach
Dahlia – Mixed, from seed
Dahlia – Various from tubers
Aster – Appleblossom
Chinese Lantern
Pot & French Marigolds
Sweet Pea – Janet Scott, Princess Elizabeth & Appleblossom
Impatiens, Antirrhinum, Arabis, Erysimum, Gazania, Petunia

Chilli – Cayenne, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet, Californian Wonder, Fresno Supreme
Sweet Pepper – Bell Boy, Tasty Bell, Denver F1, Etudia
Cucumber – Carmen F1
Pumpkin – Rouge Vif d’etamps
Courgette – Black Beauty, Zuccini, Orelia F1
Summer Squash – Scallop Mixed, Sunburst F1
Climbing French Bean – Blue Lake & Cobra
Dwarf French Bean – Ferrari
Runner Bean – Scarlet Emporer & Streamline
Tomato – Garderner’s Delight, Moneymaker, Tumbling Tom
Pansy – Joker

Veg Plot
Onion Sets – Radar
Shallots Sets – Golden Gourmet
Garlic – Purple Wight
Parsnips – Exhibition
Carrot – Javelot Long carrot (dustbins / raised bed)
Spring Cabbage – Pixie
Spring Onion – Lillia & White Lisbon
Radish – Mixed, Albena, French Breakfast
Lettuce – Winter Density, Little Gem, Salad Bowl, Red Deer’s Tongue
Wild Rocket
Jerusalem Artichokes
Globe Artichoke – Green Globe
Potato – Anya, Charlotte, Desiree, King Edward (chitting Charlotte & Juliette)
Calabrese – Aquilies F1
Cauliflower – Snowball
Broad Beans – Sutton
Late Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Strawberries, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Blueberry, Blackcurrant

Have I missed anything?? I hope your sowing is going well. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months. Best of luck!


13 responses to “50 not out!

  1. You’ve pretty much got the lot there. It’s an impressive list. Mind you, you seem to be lacking in the radish department!

  2. Congratulations – your seed list looks as bad as ours! It’s always a worry knowing where they will all go before planting out!

  3. Well done on 50 posts! I’m something of a blogaholic as I’m approaching 3 years and 400 posts, and have/had several other blogs!
    You seem to be growing just about everything, and seeing your greenhouse list makes me wish that I had one! It sure looks like you’ll be busy harvesting later on in the year, and you’ll also have plenty to blog about!
    I’ve added you to my ‘lawn loungers’ list and will also give you a mention in a forthcoming post.
    Happy gardening!

    • Thanks Flighty that’s some impressive stats you have. Thanks in advance for the link and mention, I will get round to adding you to my list so I can keep track.

  4. Congratulations on reaching 50 posts. Blogging and gardening seem to go hand in hand, a blog is a great way of recording what you’ve done and when, and your successes and failures. From your seedling list, it sounds like you will be eating like royalty later in the year.

  5. Well done, Ive got somewhere to go to catch up ! Only at 14 posts 🙂

  6. Well done on your 50th post!

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