New bed

Having run out of planting space already I built a new bed this morning. I’ve been looking for hidden away and unloved areas of the garden to dig up for veg growing. The area I chose would fit a 12′ by 6′ bed with enough space to walk round all sides. Here’s the spot.

First I removed the turf (well mainly weeds!) and stacked it up in one corner to rot down over the next few months. Then using 6 stakes and 6 six foot long gravel boards I bought from Scats I made the frame. Then I dug the whole area to one fork’s depth and removed any tree roots and stones. Finally I filled up the bed with about a 1/10th of the chicken manure I had delivered a few weeks ago and some leftover top soil. Here’s the finished bed.

It’s position is not ideal as it’s the other side of a 5′ high fence which runs parrallel to the road but it is south-facing. At midday only 1/5th of the bed was in shade from the fence so by the summer the sun will be high enough to get to the whole bed. Straight in went the Brussel Sprouts which were followed by sweetcorn. I sowed some beetroot, radish and rocket to intercrop between these and squash plants will join them in a few weeks.

Elsewhere in the garden the tulips are in full bloom.

I love the deep red colour of these tulips, there’s some purple ones just about to come out too which will give some fantastic colour to the garden. It’s been a glorious day today, not a cloud in the sky.

18 responses to “New bed

  1. Nice! Looks like a fun project… Cheers!

  2. You’ve been busy, which will all be worthwhile once you start harvesting.
    I like the white tulips although as you say the red ones are a great colour.
    By the way I gave you a linked mention in my Thursday post as promised!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  3. So what are you intending filling your lovely new bed with?

    • Hi Sue, Brussels and sweetcorn plants are in with radish, beetroot and rocket sown between the rows. I’ll plant squash under the sweetcorn and the rest will be brassicas, although I need to fit celery in somewhere!!

  4. Wow – lovely new bed! Hope you have lots of happy times growing in it.

  5. That should give you quite a bit more planting space now. The tulips are looking very colourful.

  6. Hi Damo
    Your new veg bed looks great! Good luck with the growing. Thanks for your regular comments on my blog posts – I have tried to add yours to my blog list but it won’t let me – ‘cannot detect feed for URL’ – but just wanted to say I appreciate your visits!

  7. That’s a fair old size. I’d make a low level bridge on wheels so you can walk above it and work!

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