A Tale of Neglect

When we moved into this house 3 years ago I inherited a stump of a plant in a half barrel covered in bindweed. From the few leaves on it I guessed it was a Camelia. Not knowing anything about them and needing to move the barrel to make way for my veg bed I carried it round to the side of the garage and dumped it. And there it has stayed. Last year I felt sorry for it and removed the bindweed and started watering it from time to time (as it was underneath the outside tap anyway!). So not really nurturing it at all. And here it is three years later and it’s flowered!

Here’s a close up of one of the flowers, there’s a few blemishes but I’m not complaining. There’s half a dozen or so flower buds to come. So a tale of neglect that has paid off, sometimes you just have to leave well alone. Problem is now I have a half decent plant I am bound to start meddling!!

I really like this daffodil flower I planted in Autumn, quite a fancy one.

This Periwinkle has grown up around the bottom of the wall, lovely bluey-purple flowers.

I can’t believe I’ve started watering parts of the veg plot in mid-April and the forecast for the next 5 days is sun, sun, sun! Can’t wait to get out in the garden this weekend.


6 responses to “A Tale of Neglect

  1. Some plants just thrive on neglect. I’ve just found a container of tulips which I had in bloom last year. I had pushed them to the back of the shed out of the way to die down, and promptly forgot about them. They’ve done their thing again this year and are now ready to bloom again.

  2. Camellias are lime haters so if you want to start meddling I’d give it a feed of something for ericaceaous plants such as iron sequestrol – mine are due a dose this year. The leaves start to yellow if the plants are suffering from an iron deficiency.

  3. I’ve got a pot of daffs that are under cover in the shed, not had a spot of rain, for 9 months but their sunny faces are there. Its nature – things want to survive and grow. My lazy gardner voice says “just plant stuff….it’ll be reeeeeet!” – your post just proves it! Nice looking plant….

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