Charity Plant Sale

Had a good day today raising £88 with my charity plant sale and overall we raised over £700 for The Stroke Association. I sold over 100 plants that I’d grown plus a few donations from other members of staff and Rachel’s Mum.

The list included Geraniums, Lobelia, Sunflowers, Lettuce, Courgettes, Squash, Cauliflowers, Onions, Dahlias, Tomatoes, Aloe, Bamboo, Sedum, Spotted Laurel, Calabrese, Chilli, Foxglove, Lupin, and Aqualigia. It was great to raise some money and get a little space back in the greenhouse!

11 responses to “Charity Plant Sale

  1. Well done , that is brilliant! If I had been there I would have bought some of those listed!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Thanks Flighty and you too!

  3. Congratulations, that’s a great amount to raise. Sounds like you had a good selection for sale too. I suppose you’ll be sowing more seeds this weekend then, now that there’s room in the greenhouse.

  4. Great effort – well done!

  5. what a great site! I will definitely keep an eye on this blog. I’m hoping to post some pictures from my tiny greenhouse soon. when did you start to sow? your plants are miles ahead of mine.

    • Hi, thanks very much. I start sowing quite early depends on what plants really I just follow the packet guidelines, good luck with your greenhouse.

  6. thanks! I bet you have a warmer winter than we do. here it can be 20 below when the packet guidelines recommend to sow.

    I have posted some pictures from my garden and green house. and as you can see, your plants definetly has the lead.

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