Wig-Wam bam

Spent the morning planting my sweet peas out. I made a couple of wig-wams, not perfectly geometrical by any means but I like that, very simple just bamboo canes and string. I’ve got around 60 plants so there was plenty to go in the main flowerbed around the wig-wams, some have gone into a big pot and the remainder are still in the coldframe. The varities are Appleblossom, Janet Scott, Princess Elizabeth and some seeds that Maureen kindly sent me. I’ve never grown sweet peas before so have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve pricked off any sideshoots so there is just one main stem and planted 3 per cane, hope that’s right!

Following my charity plant sale there was some space to fill up in the greenhouse so I sowed some runner and french beans. I also pricked out 20 or so Asters and about 50 pansies to grow on before planting out. So that’s the greenhouse full again!

The Red Orach are doing well.

I should really get the cucumbers in the greenhouse as they are getting quite big now on the bathroom windowsill.

In the conservatory are the squash, courgettes and tomatoes.

And the Chillies and Peppers are doing well, more space in the greenhouse required!


14 responses to “Wig-Wam bam

  1. Your border will be a riot of colour once the sweetpeas have climbed their wigwam and bloomed. I’ve put a few in the garden, but the majority will be planted at the allotment to encourage the bees to come and do their thing. I’ve evicted most of my seedlings now, they’re in the greenhouse.

  2. Depends how serious you are at growing them. We just pinch out the top to encourage bushiness and then let them do their own things. You just need to keep cutting flowers or dead heading to keep more coming.

    Then the other main thing is making sure the tendrils have something to cling on to.

    we used to have a serious show grower on our site who spent hours taking off tendrils and messing about with them but we just want some lovely scented flowers for a vase. Just wish they didn’t attract so many aphids and pollen beetles.

    • Thanks for the tips Sue, I think I’ll just let them do their thing now and just give them a helping hand to climb if they need it. I want to enter them in our Summer Show but I’m not that serious……yet! I’ll save that for the Dahlias.

  3. I moved my cucumbers to the greenhouse today. Hope its not too early.
    Does your wife ever see you? You are such a prolific gardener, I am envious.

    • Sometimes she does Claire! I do a lot in the evenings after the girls go to bed and I have no travelling to an allotment so can get a lot done in a short space of time. Your cucumbers should be OK now, I need to plant mine soon, the bathroom is becoming quite dark even though it’s souh facing!

  4. My cucumbers are utterly dead now. I lost every single one of them. Still, I have a few seeds left so I might give them another go when some of the more urgent stuff is planted!

  5. Your house looks like mine did before the greenhouse….but you have the greenhouse too!!! Are you a nursery? You will be self sufficient by the end of summer! Hurrah!

    • Hi, it feels like I am, I sold over 100 plants on Friday for charity and the space dissapeared over the weekend! The only trouble is I’m struggling for room to plant out.

  6. I usually end sowing my sweet pea seeds, two per cane, direct in the ground and end up with masses of flowers. I wish that what I’ve got in pots looked as good as yours! Cheers!

  7. Damo, I am so impressed with the Red Orach, are they the seeds I sent you ? they look much sturdier and healthier than my own, but mine have been just thrown onto the bed in the garden. I did grow them in pots last year and they were better. Be warned they get very tall, so back/middle of the border. I saw in the new ‘Gardeners World’ mag this month they actually say that the leaves add a nice flavour to a salad, so I must be adventurous this year and try eating some. Last year I was just in awe of the beauty of the plants.

    I usually just take the tip out of the sweet-peas, if you leave the side shoots in you will get a nice bushy plant and more flowers. The trick to keep them going all summer is to pick some everyday as the more you pick the more flowers come. and the scent fills the house as well. I love your enthusiasm.

    • Thanks Maureen yes they are the seeds you sent me and I’m so pleased with them, they are really sturdy and will make a great addition to the borders. I will definitely pick some to eat as well. Thanks again for sending them to me. And thanks for the tip on the sweet peas, they are doing well and I’m looking forward to lots of flowers, it’s the first year I’ve grown them so fingers crossed. The weather is so good at the moment full of promise for a great summer I hope!

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