First salad crop

This weekend saw the first salad crop of lettuce and a few radishes from the plot. Chloe pulled the first radish and was really pleased with her bunch! Everything should start coming on now as we’re into mid-Spring. Lots of promise!

I managed to get through most of the jobs on yesterday’s list. The front flowerbed is now full, there’s just room for some bedding plants around the edges but the main planting of cornflowers, sweet peas and dahlias is now finished. Can’t wait to see how it all develops. It’s going to be a lucky dip as I have no idea what colour anything is. I just know it’s going to be bloomin’ marvellous!


14 responses to “First salad crop

  1. What a cutie. It’s great to finally start harvesting this years crops.

  2. Did those radishes taste as good as they look?

  3. Those are big radishes

  4. Fabulous photo.
    I am so impressed with your efforts, your blog is very inspiring.
    Keep it up

  5. I wish I had the space that you have to grow things! Those radishes look fantastic!

    How have you managed to keep the slugs away from your cabbage so successfully?

    • Hi Paul, thanks very much, I’m lucky on the slug front, next door have 3 or 4 small ponds full of frogs which keep numbers low, I normally have a couple residing in my greenhouse which helps a lot!

  6. Damo, Your veg is looking fantastic, I cannot believe how far on everything is compared to ours! Whats your secret? – I have added you to our Blogroll links on the site so i can keep track of your pepper plants. 🙂

    Cheers, Doug

  7. You must have put your radishes in early! I have only just started sowing mine. And yours are big ones too!

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