What’s been growing?

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There’s lots growing in the garden and on the veg plot so following Flighty’s guidance I’ve set up a quick slideshow to keep you all updated. I’m off to Cambridge and Newmarket races for the weekend tomorrow so the garden jobs will have to wait again. Given the neglect most things seem to be looking after themselves. The photos include the rockery, mini-greenhouse, cauliflowers, broad beans, calabrese, spring cabbage and lettuce from the plot and some herbs and mixed salad leaves in the greenhouse.

But not all in the garden is rosy. I think I’ve lost three cucumbers that I transplanted to the greenhouse the other week. They look in a pretty bad state, I think the unheated greenhouse has been too cold for them at night, my own fault I moved them too early. I’m hoping they recover but I’ve just sown a couple more as emergency replacements. On the plot the frost has also caught some of my spuds, and a rogue slug has been nibbling at the bedding plants in the mini-greenhouse. To top it all off I think Polo has taken a fancy to digging in the onion bed and has made a bit of a mess of things so I’ve now got a temporary fence around that to keep him out.

But all in all despite the cold nights most of what has been sown is coming on in leaps and bounds and the photos give you a flavour of what’s happening. Hopefully it’ll all survive another weekend of neglect!


10 responses to “What’s been growing?

  1. Impressive slideshow! I also seem to a have a rogue slug that gets into my greenhouse at night and nibbles on my seedlings. Grrrr!

  2. It’s all looking brilliant. Hope you have a good weekend, and don’t lose your shirt.

  3. Is that mint flowering? Your stuff looks well on. Maybe you will have some winnings tp spend on more plants when you come back.

  4. It all looks lovely, neat and ordered. in contrast to my plot!
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. I’m only too happy to have helped and thanks for the mention!
    It sure is all looking good, and everything seems to grow so quickly at the moment. I’m glad to see that the frost during the week didn’t affect you too badly, just my potato foliage got clobbered.
    Enjoy your non gardening weekend! Cheers.

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