38 years old today meant I’d earnt a day off work. We dropped the girls at nursery for the day and drove down to Portsmouth to do some shopping round Gunwharf Quays, take a look at the Spinnaker Tower and the Historic Dockyard. About 45 minutes from home means we don’t normally go to Portsmouth, unless we’re catching a ferry, so it was good to find quite a bit to do for a day out.

The weather was great, a lovely sunny day and Gunwharf Quays was a good place to wander round for a couple of hours with a mix of shops that both Rachel and I were interested in. We had lunch on the waterfront courtesy of Pizza Express (those Tesco Clubcard vouchers again!) and then went to visit the Spinnaker Tower.

I remember this being one of those doomed Millenium projects but I was impressed by the structure of a sail right on the water’s edge near the harbour entrance. Fraught with problems the tower finally opened in 2005 and stands at 175m high. There are 3 viewing decks the highest being the Crow’s Nest at 110m and from here you can see around 25 miles an area covering Chichester to the east, the Isle of Wight to the South and Southampton and the New Forest to the west.

From the Crow’s Nest there’s a good view of the historic dockyard home to HMS Warrior, Victory and the Mary Rose.

Just across from the tower is this building in the shape of the funnel.

Some people couldn’t bring themselves to look down through the glass panel.

This is HMS Warrior.

And HMS Victory famous for being involved in the Battle of Trafalgar.

There were also a few modern ships in dock.

Another great day out. Now I must get back to some gardening!


6 responses to “Portsmouth

  1. Happy belated birthday. I don’t know about looking down through the glass panel, you wouldn’t have got me up there in the first place.

  2. Thanks Jo, it’s funny I love tall buildings as long as they’re inside or have a fence or guard but I wouldn’t go near a cliff edge like some people do.

  3. I read this post yesterday then forgot to comment so belated birthday greetings! Like Jo I’m not keen on heights so I wouldn’t venture up there either despite the terrific views. I’d be happy looking round the Victory again though.
    Anyway it sounds like you had a most enjoyable day. Cheers!

  4. Another belated birthday wish – it was my birthday on 17 but I don’t count the number any more. Seems lots of Taureans garden!!

    • Thanks Sue and happy belated birthday to you too! May is a popular month in our family with Rachel on the 8th and my Dad on 15th. It’s Birthday Season!

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