8×8 Photo Challenge

Jo from The Good Life has set me a challenge to post the 8th photo from my 8th photo album. As I accepted the challenge I then began to wonder what the 8×8 photo would be, probably some close up of a cauliflower or some other exciting vegetable! As it turned out it wasn’t that bad……….

The photo is of me, (well my back anyway), approaching the famous Tan Hill Inn on the Pennine Way. The Tan Hill Inn is at the far end of Swaledale near where the borders of North Yorkshire, Durham and Cumbria meet. As you can see in the photo it is in the middle of nowhere and claims to be the highest Inn in Britain at 1732 feet. Many years ago it serviced the pack horse trains hauling coal across the Pennines and now serves tourists and tired walkers like ourselves. We’d walked from Thwaite that morning and by the time we reached the pub we were in need of light refreshment. With a few lambs roaming free in the bar a couple of pints of Black Sheep seemed in order and it certainly made the rest of the journey that day go a little bit faster.

It was apt that this photo turned up for a few reasons. I love hill walking and walking the Pennine Way has been a dream of mine for many years. Sadly I do not have the spare time to commit to three weeks solid walking so a friend and I made a plan to tackle it in stages of 3-5 days at a time until we finished. A couple of children have got in the way since then but we started at the Nags Head in Edale, Derbyshire and are now at High Force in County Durham. I have a Pennine Way page on my blog which I’ve been promising to update for some time to become a complete guide to the Pennine Way, the best long distance footpath in Britain, I must get round to updating that page soon! Our next leg of the journey is from High Force, County Durham to Knarsdale, Northumberland which is only 3 days and roughly 45 miles. I don’t fancy the second day though from Dufton to Garrigill which is 16 miles and over 3000ft in ascent over Cross Fell, the highest hill in England outside of the Lake District (there’s some good photos here, ah the bleakness you don’t get that down South!). And finally it passes through Jo’s neck of the woods up there in Yorkshire.

So there you have it, I’ll be staying at the High Force hotel next Wednesday night if you’re passing and fancy a pint (they brew their own beer) and I’ll be stepping out on the next leg of the journey bright and early the next morning, hangover permitting! That’s the beauty of hillwalking!!


4 responses to “8×8 Photo Challenge

  1. I got roped in to this too by Tanya from allotments4you but I didn’t have an 8th photo in my 8th folder so she had to adapt the challenge!

    • It’s a nice idea and I like your photo Sue. I had to adapt as well as this is the 8×8 photo from my laptop so is not that old but to dredge up the old photos off the other PC would have taken ages. I’m just glad it was on another topic so we have a bit of variety.

  2. Thanks for accepting the challenge. Your photo is interesting. It’s great to see the other hobbies us gardeners have. My hubby’s cousin has walked the Pennine Way a few times. One of his friends has some sort of business where they accompany people and he’s helped him out on a few occasions.

    • Thanks Jo and it’s nice to see we have other interests! My family history has also been traced back by my parents, my father is currently researching his side and I need to find out more about that but on my mum’s side (Whiteley) our ancestors are from Yorkshire (Ripon) and moved over the border to Oldham (where I was born) with the cotton trade. I may find out more about it and do a post in the future.

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