Container Veg

The plot is full so it’s up to various containers to take the strain of the remaining planting. The first job was to get the rest of the tomatoes out. I used a couple of growbags with three tomotoes in each (Brasero, Moneymaker and Gardener’s Delight) grown in bottomless pots. I also stuck a couple of old squash bottles in each growbag for easy watering. The Brasero have started to fruit already. I’m hoping there’s no blight this year, we have enough green tomato chutney!

There’s also a couple of tomtoes (Tumbling Tom) in chimney pots.

And some runner beans in a plastic trug.

Carrots in tubs.

The long carrots in dustbins. They don’t look up to much but I thinned them out this weekend and the thinnings had 3-4 inch tap roots as straight as an arrow. I am cautiously optimistic.

Some potatoes in bags.

Herbs in an old Belfast sink.

I pulled out the last purple sprouting broccoli plant which had gone to flower and harvested the first of the spring cabbage.

And what about the rest of the weekend? We’ll be off out with the girls of course. But if I get a few minutes to myself I’ll be drinking a couple of beers. Tribute from St.Austell Brewery and Gem from Bath Ales, which I tried on a recent visit to Bath, are my favourites from the south-west.

And watching a Dennis Hopper film or two. Sad news to hear of his death, Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now are among my favourite films.

Looks like the rest of the weekend will be warmer now the rain has passed through. Hope you have a great Bank Holiday!


8 responses to “Container Veg

  1. Oh Damo your plants all look so good – chutney galore, that’s not so bad eh? Lots of lovely different containers there. I love the fact that you got the beautiful Iris from Freecycle that is the coolest idea I’ve heard in a while.
    Yeah, sad to hear about Dennis Hopper, especially after I just learnt this week that he is one of my penpal’s cousin!

    • Thanks Carrie things are going well at the moment, chutney is good but we’ve got a year’s supply of the stuff to get through! I don’t see plants on Freecycle very often but the Iris was a steal. Hope your penpal’s cousin is OK, he was one of the last few rebel generation actors.

  2. We’ve grown a few things in containers too for some earlier cropping,

    We have carrots in tubs and potatoes in bags. As I write Martyn is chopping the bottoms off some ex supermarket flower tubs which look very much like what you are using for your tomatoes!

    Very windy here – not what we need!

  3. I used to grow everything in containers before I got the allotment. I still grow salad leaves in them. I find it easier being able to harvest these from the garden when I need them rather than the allotment, and I also grow some potatoes in containers for an early harvest. I haven’t put my tomato plants in to their final position yet, but I must get this done soon, they’re flowering now.

  4. Hi Jo, yes we have some tubs of salad leaves next to the herbs by the kitchen door, easy then to snip what you need for a quick salad.

  5. This post well illustrates that growing vegetables can not only be done anywhere but also well. I’ll be particularly interested to see how the carrots do, they certainly look good. Cheers!

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