My Left Foot

Well I survived the latest leg of our Pennine Way walk with just a small blister on my left foot. 3 days and 42 miles of hard walking from High Force in County Durham to Knarsdale in Northumberland. This is one of my favourite photos from the trip of Cauldron Snout waterfall. We had superb weather as well, if anything it was too hot! I will be updating the Pennine Way page soon.

And the garden has survived my absence. The Peonies are now starting to bloom, these ones are a lovely light pink.

And the sweet peas are coming thick and fast now.

As I’m recovering I haven’t done any work in the garden just gave it a good watering. I’ll post some progress pictures next time.

10 responses to “My Left Foot

  1. Lucky you! I don’t have a single sweet pea anywhere near flowering yet. 😦

  2. The waterfall picture is very impressive! I must explore the Pennines more.

    • Hi Mark the North Pennines are a hidden gem as most people head for the lakes, well worth it if you want some quieter hills.

  3. This is getting serious 3 – 1 to you – no sweet peas here yet either – not many germinated this year

  4. Great photo of the waterfall. I haven’t been back to Northumberland since I went with school, I really should make more of an effort to visit different places. The sweetpeas are looking good.

  5. Well done, and terrific photos!

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