Are you the Farmer?

Today we were at the River Bourne Community Farm Open Day in Salisbury. The girls loved all the different animals and activities.

Here’s the piglets enjoying the sun.

And the baby ducks with their own little pool.

The Shire Horse looked great parading around the field.

There was also a Falconry display with a Saker, Harris Hawk, Pergrine Falcon and African Sea Eagle. The Peregrine was particularly impressive swooping low over the crowd back to the handler.

The Sea Eagle in action.

There was also facepainting.

And tractors to sit on.

A great day out.


10 responses to “Are you the Farmer?

  1. So did you get to sit on the tractor too? I’d really love to have a bird of prey perched on my hand.

    Once when we went to a flying display the handler held a piece of food just over my husband’s head so he could film an eagle owl coming towards him – must try and find the film but it was years ago – pre digital!

    • Hi Sue, I wanted to but though better of it as there was a queue of small children waiting! The birds were amazing, the peregrine was coming in pretty fast no more than a couple of feet above our heads, people were ducking so it was genuinely close!

  2. It sure looks like you you had a good time. I enjoy days like that, especially when there are birds of prey being displayed, and I’d loved to have seen that sea eagle!

    • Hi Flighty, the sea eagle was awesome, we were lucky enough to see a couple on our honeymoon in Kenya but to see them that close up you realise just how much power they have.

  3. Looks like you had a great day, and better weather than we’ve had here today. Chloe looks like a beautiful little butterfly.

    • Hi Jo, she loved having her face painted and suprisingly didn’t chose pink for a change! The rain’s just started here so we got lucky today.

  4. It looks like a great day!
    Farms are one of my families favorite places to visit!
    What a sweet little one : )

  5. Have a lovely holiday, bon voyage. The ducks made me go “Aw”, and that pigsty looks quite cosy and inviting!

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