En vacance

Bonjour tout le monde que nous venons de rentrer d’une semaine de vacances fantastiques deux en Bretagne. La place que je pouvais tenir ma tête haute comme un fan de football anglais.

Ok that’s enough of that, here’s some photos. We stayed in an old farmhouse at Ty Neve about 20 minutes inland from Lorient, Brittany.

It was a superb location, in the middle of nowhere, with a very relaxing view.

The pool was great.

And the animals kept Chloe and Emily amused.

Apart from a few days at the beach we took a look at some of the sights. Brittany is most famous for it’s prehistoric sites particularly Carnac which has 100s of stones arranged in rows, the origin and purpose of which is unkown.

Brittany also has many lovely old towns to wander around such as Auray.

The market at Hennebont is one of the largest in the region.

The Ville Close at Concarneau was our favourite place.

Quimper is famous for its faience a tin-glazed earthenware.

Vannes was the largest town we visited but still had a lovely old town to look around.

Back home the garden has gone mad proving once again that my influence is less significant than I’d like to think! More on that later. What a great two weeks and I was probably in the best place to escape the misery of the football!!


10 responses to “En vacance

  1. Looks lovely, glad you had a good time.

  2. ‘Best place to escape the football’ – that’s because they were even worse than us. Nice to come back to everything doing so well in the garden though isn’t it? Well apart from the weeds!

    • Yeh nice to know one of the ‘big’ football nations was even worse than us! The weeds weren’t too bad as there’s not much room for them and I had a blitz before we went.

  3. My first French gite holiday was in Brittany – we found that we were whispering to one another so as not to break the silence.

  4. It looks like you had a brilliant time, and I like your comment about the garden!
    On the down side I was also going to mention the weeds but I see that RobD has already done that.

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