Did you miss me?

Naively I thought the garden would really struggle without my expert attention whilst we were on holiday for the last two weeks. How wrong I was, it quite happily looked after itself, everything has come on in leaps and bounds, basically a big two fingers up to the landlord – sod off we don’t need you!

Apart from friends watering and taking whatever fruit and veg was available nothing was done. But other than harvesting the last of the caulies and spring cabbage when we got back there wasn’t much to do. So here’s a quick catch up on progress so far.

The runners have come on well, at the top of their canes now.

The courgettes are well away, a bit of blackfly but nothing to worry about. This is F1 Orelia and the Black Beauty plants are also fruiting nicely.

The greenhouse is full. There’s a couple of cucumbers at the end, tomatoes down the side edged with salad bowl and french marigolds. On the staging are chillies, peppers and aubergines.

Harvested a few courgettes, broad beans and squash.

And the first tomatoes, these are Brasero.

The first raspberries were ready as well which were fantastic. The strawberries keep coming to, we only have a dozen plants and are into our fifth week of picking now, they have gone mad this year.

And the chillies are getting big. This one is Fresno Supreme, I also have Cayenne, Jalapeno, Californian Wonder and Scotch Bonnet growing.

The front garden flower bed is in full bloom. The Red Orach that I grew from the seeds Maureen sent me are now 7 feet tall, I love the coulour which is a great backdrop for the sweet peas.

I grew the carnations from seed last year from a Woolies flower selection pack that work colleagues gave me for my birthday. They didn’t do anything in their first year but are now making up for it. The Sweet Peas are over 4 feet high on the wigwams. Just after taking this photo I cut most of them to encourage more flowers.

Finally the Dahlias have started flowering. This one is my favourite so far, Atika. More on the Dahlia progress next time.

So everything has pretty much run to plan, I should go away more often!

Harvesting: Spring cabbage, Cauliflower, Calabrese, Lettuce, Rocket, Radish, Tomatoes, Courgette, Broad Beans, Squash, Strawberries, Raspberries.


12 responses to “Did you miss me?

  1. Welcome back! What a lovely way to return from a holiday.

  2. It doesn’t look like anything’s suffered at all whilst you’ve been away, and you’ve got tomatoes too. Mine aren’t anywhere near ready yet. That Dahlia’s a beauty.

  3. But that’s really good isn’t it? Your stuff looks better than ours and we haven’t been anywhere – just really really really need some rain!!

    At least your comments seem to be working – Blogger is eating them at the moment

  4. Damien it looks AMAZING !! I love that purple plummy colour Dahlia please please please can I have a little bit of the tuber when (if) you dig it up to store over winter. (seeds don’t always come true to colour apparently)
    I take it you had someone watering and taking care of everything for you whilst you were on holiday as it all looks so good.

    • Thanks Maureen of course you can have some of the tuber. I’ll be lifting them before winter, doing everything by the book!! I’ll post some more photos when the others are in flower, let me know if there are any others you fancy.

      Fortunately our friends up the road agreed to water the garden although I didn’t realise how hot it was going to be so they were down here every night for the greenhouse and every other night for the rest of the garden. in return they took as much fruit, veg and sweet peas as were ready and a tin of Brittany’s finest butter gallettes when we got back!

  5. It all looks amazing. And I love those yellow courgettes, and your summer squash. Will have to try some of them next year!

    • Thanks very much, I love courgettes and squash in summer, just chopped up roughly, chucked on a roasting tray with olive oil, salt and pepper, brilliant!

  6. That is all looking amazingly good, you must be so pleased, and I also like that dahlia!

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