Celery Tips?

Another first this year for me is growing celery. I’ve got ten plants in the front bed and have no idea what I’m doing really (must read up about growing celery!). Does anyone have any tips?


8 responses to “Celery Tips?

  1. I’ve no idea how to grow celery either – we can’t even manage to grow celeriac which is supposed to be easier. A plot neighbour has just planted some out in a deep trench and it looks like really hard work.

    • Ah OK so I’ve ‘missed’ the trench stage! Onto Plan B then, I was waiting for some decent sized stalks to form then I was going to place a collar around them, and another collar further up if the stalks grew taller. This is to blanch the stalks which is the same as the trench I suppose as you would backfill with earth as the stalks developed. Fingers crossed!

  2. I’ve never grown celery, I think it’s one of those things that you have to acquire the taste for and I never have.

    • I like it chopped up in a mixed salad but I’ve never been a fan of munching a stalk on its own, although isn’t it supposed to be one of those things you can eat loads of and lose weight? I’m growing three new veg this year, sweetcorn, pumpkin and celery so if I get 2 out of 3 to fruition I’ll be very happy!

  3. Not all celery needs to be blanched, tho’ they say the self-blanching isn’t as crisp. It’s a bog plant in the wild, so never let it get dry. It’s lovely in soup, or raw with a dollop of peanut butter. I really like it as a sort of Waldorf salad – chop a stick of celery and an apple and mix with some raisins, nuts and creamy Greek yogurt.

    • Thanks Is, I need to check whether self-blanching or not. It’s sat on a load of chicken manure (as are all my veg!) so I’m hoping it won’t dry out if I keep the watering regular. That salad sounds great, I’m hoping I will get something from my first attempt.

  4. We haven’t tried to grow celery (yet) and have so far avoided it as it gets such bad press in terms of effort. But your plants look really happy, and I think you can just keep heaping up the soil around the stalks every week and that should blanch the stems? It’s one of the few vegetables that we buy and aren’t growing ourselves, and your pictures are making me rethink trying it next year… I’ll be interested to see how yours turn out, without all the trench-digging malarkey…

    • We’ll see what happens, I’m not sure whether they are self blanching so need to check that then it’s either earth-up or collar, or maybe I’ll experiment with different methods. It has a reputation for being hard work though, doesn’t fit with my approach to growing veg to be honest, we’ll see!

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