Don’t Dis Me?

The Dahlia plot is now bursting with energy, new growth from every point shoots skywards with the promise of glorious blooms. I now face the question of disbudding, do I remove some of the flowers to promote the ones that are left to even greater levels or, do I let nature take its course and have more smaller blooms. So I’ve started removing the adjacent flower buds just leaving the central bud on each stem as soon as they are large enough to handle. I also remove the side shoots from the next pair of leaves down the stem. This should channel more energy to the central bud giving a bigger bloom with a longer stem and also promote more growth further down the plant which will mean a bushier plant in the long run. Having never grown Dahlias before I’m adopting my usual approach of taking everything very seriously until I get fed up with it at which point nature will take over and do her thing.

I’m hoping to be able to cut a few flowers for the house and enter some in my local Horticultural Societies Summer Show later in August. The plants in containers are now well away and in full bloom and the tubers planted directly in the ground are just about to start which is exciting as I have no idea what the form and colour of the bloom will be (I’ve not got round to checking the varieties on the internet). When I lift the tubers I can label the height and colour of each one so I can have more of a co-ordinated display next year.

This is the smallest flower so far (one of the container tubers).

This one is Kelvin Floodlight which is by the front door. I love the colour.

From just growing veg in previous years I’m enjoying raising some flowers this time round, you can’t beat the extra colour in the garden to lift your mood.

7 responses to “Don’t Dis Me?

  1. I love the colour of the dahlia by your front door. I’ve grown some dahlias for the first time this year, they’re grown from seed though rather than tubers.

  2. Thanks Jo it’s probably a bit big for the pot it’s in. I’ve grown some from seed to, they are great flowers.

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