Cucurbits update

At this time of year there is one family of plants that starts producing serious amounts of veg on the plot. Cucurbits include cucumbers, squash and courgette which are all in full production now.

I finally cut my first cucumber of the season today. It’s been a bit of a disaster after the first plants (Carmen) sucumbed to a greenhouse move when it was still too cold, if I’d have waited another week or two we would have been picking them a good 6 weeks ago. Last year two plants produced over 40 cucumbers from the end of May to the end of October, Carmen is a great all female flower variety that I will definitely grow again. But it wasn’t to be and my back up is not all-female, I think it’s called burpless tasty green or something like that but it’s nowhere near as productive. Still there’s one in the fridge now so can’t complain.

I’m leaving this squash to grow on but cut the rest when they are fairly small. One or two rot off but most make it to the oven.

The variety is Mixed Scallop, a packet of seed I’ve had for three years now, some plants produce yellow fruits and others are a light green colour.

The courgettes are flying along, this one is Black Beauty.

And this one is F1 Orelia.

The girls love picking courgettes!

The Sweet Peas, Cornflowers & Red Orach are still going strong.

Whilst I’ve been trying to grow more exotic flowers this year the old stalwart the pot marigold is still one of my favourites. These two pictures do it some justice, great colour.

Off to the village music festival tomorrow, fingers crossed that the weather will hold out. Hope you are having a great weekend!

10 responses to “Cucurbits update

  1. Oh it all looks fabulous! My favourite pic though has to be that of your adorable veggie loving girls – look how happy they are! Ecotherapy Rocks.
    We have some squashes this year – yippeeeee, but we didn’t plant courgettes this year as they were so prolific and we don’t like them, haha!

    • Hi Carrie, they love picking their veggies, and fruit, I didn’t get anywhere near most of the strawberries as they are in the bed right outside the front door which Chloe could pick herself. Shame you don’t like courgettes as they are so prolific but squash are lovely just roasted, nice and simple!

  2. Picked our first Burpless Tasty Green this weekend too – but it was outdoors and the squashes are now in production.

  3. Hope the weather’s holding out today for your music festival. What a lovely picture of your girls. It’s lovely to see kids who enjoy their veg, I’ve got one who does and one who doesn’t. I love courgettes, they can produce as many as they like for me.

  4. I’m glad that I’m not into growing these apart from a couple of courgette plants! I also keep trying to grow cucumbers without much success.
    I like pot marigolds and grow lots on the plot, as well as cornflowers and sweet peas.

    • I don’t think you can beat marigolds, cornflowers and sweet peas around the garden or plot. Last year I was knee deep in cucumbers, not this time round! You can never be sure how it’s going to go.

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