Firsdown Music Fayre

Glastonbury, Reading, Isle of Wight and now………Firsdown! 25 years on from Live Aid the 5th annual Firsdown Music Fayre was rocking. We didn’t have to go far, about 500 yards, to the end of the village where a neatly mowed field with a stage erected at one end played host to around 500 local revellers. The festival started on Saturday evening with bands and fireworks and then from midday to 7pm on Sunday with more bands, BBQ, bar etc.

There was an ecclectic mix of music, mainly rock and pop with a bit of blues thrown in and a Shadow’s tribute band, “Vintage Echoes”. Other bands included “22nd Street”, “Tramps & Amps”, “Stiff Joints”, “The Livery Road Blues Band”, and an amazing 4-piece of 13 year olds called “The Jalapenos”.

The crowd enjoyed some great music under clear blue skies, a glorious afternoon. The girls loved it, a great family day out!


10 responses to “Firsdown Music Fayre

  1. Glad the weather stayed fine for you. It sounds like you had a great time.

  2. It sure looks like you enjoyed yourselves!

  3. looks really quite posh, I hope you took the good plates, cups and saucers with you for the picnic 😉

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