Lovin’ the Veg!

I’m lovin’ the veg at the moment! This is what I’ve just picked for the next day or two. Cucumber, runner, french and broad beans, squash, potatoes (Charlotte & Anya), courgettes and the first red chilli of the season. Should keep us going for a while!


19 responses to “Lovin’ the Veg!

  1. wow, what an attractive looking haul! that veg looks delish.

  2. I agree, that is a great harvest! Ripe tomatoes! And that beautiful red chilli – you are far ahead of us, we have only the first small green bumps on our chilli plants, our tomatoes are still green too, and our runner beans are little curls the length of a fingertip! 🙂

  3. It’s great at this time of year when the bigger harvests start to come. Super haul there.

  4. Way ahead of us too we can just sit and stare – beware of the chilli!

    • I’m addicted to chillies Sue and have a cast iron constitution in that department. Can’t wait to start cooking with them, unfortunately I’m on my own in the house when it comes to spicy food.

  5. Well done! Out of that lot I’ve only had potatoes and courgettes so far, with the runner and french beans still a week away I reckon.

  6. Wow, looks like a fabulous haul! I’m so jealous. My three little windowsills are doing their best but can only manage so much with limited space… I love Anya potatoes – so yummy!

    • Thanks Amy the spuds are great. I’m lucky to have the space but it’s all about making the most of what you have available, eating any fruit and veg straight after picking is fantastic!

  7. The flowers look fantastic, bet they make a great display. All good for the wildlife hey 😀

    • Thanks Craig, I didn’t realise just how many insects there were until I had a bed packed with flowers, and it all helps pollination too, can’t go wrong!

  8. I agree. So many peeps can’t stand bees/wasps either, we should do our best to encourage them as they help pollinate all our fruit and veg. Would love a hive on my plot, but wouldn’t have a clue. Might make one of them nest things. P.S. count me in the comp!!! 😀

    • Craig, will do you are in the comp. I was going to make one of those bamboo cane things to encourage the solitary bees. Worth a go, every little helps!

  9. Lovely looking veg – mine look slightly more nibbled around the edges…

    • I don’t seem to have a problem with courgettes and squash. And my brassicas are netted under Enviromesh tunnels to keep the cabbage whites off. And we don’t seem to have many slugs and snails, not like our last house where the garden was covered in them. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a veg grower’s paradise but we are lucky in some respects.

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