Lands’ End Free Voucher & Seed Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with clothing retailer Lands’ End to offer a fantastic free Lands’ End Gift Voucher and Seed giveaway.

The new Colour Garden at Barnsdale is sponsored by Lands’ End, who have jackets and coats for whatever the British summer throws at us. You can follow progress of the garden on the Lands’ End blog.

The first 25 readers to leave a comment on this post will receive 2 free packets of Nasturtium seeds – Jewel Mix, semi-double blooms – ideal to sow next spring to brighten up your flower bed or veg plot. In addition they will go into a draw for 1 of 5 £25 Lands’ End clothing gift vouchers I have to give away which can be used online. The draw will be made and vouchers/seeds despatched at the end of August.

A fantastic prize and all you have to do is leave a comment and I’ll do the rest. Couldn’t be simpler!!


40 responses to “Lands’ End Free Voucher & Seed Giveaway

  1. Looks good to me…and fingers crossed for the draw!

    • Quick off the mark Flighty, you’re first on the list for the seeds. Chloe will be in charge of the gift voucher draw to ensure complete impartiality and adherence to the rules!

  2. oh oh me me me!!! I always forget to buy Nasturtium seeds and then regret it so this looks fantastic.

  3. If I plant any more nasturtiums which will all come up again nex year … and the next … and the next … then I’ll drown under the orange and yellow waves!

  4. Nice one,hope I,m lucky. . . . .I like to see Nasturtiums,I grow them up at the lottie.

  5. Dear Damo, I just found your comment on my blog, gardening in high heels, thank you! I always get the Land’s end catalogue in Germany, but didn’t see a garden blog. So I’ll have to look out. For your blog too! I’m off in a hurry now – going to Berlin for three days. Britta

  6. Even more nasturtiums for next year on the veg plot? My husband will have my hide! 🙂 But they do cheer the beds up…

    • You can never have enough!

      • I think I’d better let somebody with greater need have my share of nasturtium seeds. I’ve collected so many seeds from this years plants already, that I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy nasturtium seeds again! It’s a lovely giveaway though. Sara

      • Thanks Sara, I know what you mean you can get overrun with seeds when you start collecting your own!

  7. Dear Damo, How very enterprising of you to be doing this, and great fun too. I am sure that you will have lots of competition for the free seeds and the give away so please, do not include my name – somewhat difficult to take part as I am presently always travelling between London and Budapest.

    Thank you so much for the comment on my latest posting to which I have made reply.

  8. We love nasturtiums – and your blog (flattery will get you everywhere – I hope!)


  9. My Nastrutiums got eaten by blackfly, and then they went brown. For me, they’re just flowers pretending to be salad leaves!

  10. Great website. Very interesting as herbs are my number one priority.

  11. Great blog, will add to my favourites! Seeds would be lovely, only managed a few herbs so far.

  12. Thanks very much Libby, seeds will be on their way to you.

  13. Hi Damo,

    Loving the growth in popularity of the blog. You answered a question for me earlier on my spuds, and it is much appreciated. You are like my virtual gardner.

    Keep up the good work. Any chance you are going to team up with any drinks companies. Ha ha.

    Waiting for more pearls of wisdom.

    • Thanks Rob, seeds are on their way to you. More wisdom (?) coming soon. I have emailed a number of breweries and am yet to receive a response!

  14. First visit to your site – and lovely seeds up for grabs! What a nice surprise. Orange and yellow is a bit of a theme in my first time cutting patch, so nasturtiums would be a pretty addition.

  15. Christine Evans

    damo stumbled across your blog, fantastic would love some seeds and look forward to sampling some veg in my new Slow Cooker

  16. Dear Damo, just downloaded your cabbage pic, it looks so fresh and tasty. Some of mine was turned into coleslaw and the rest accompanied bacon and new potatoes. Funny thing is I hated cabbage as a kid!

    • Thanks Is, bacon and new potatoes sounds good I’ll try that. I think Mum used to boil most of our s/mkt veg to death so I wasn’t a cabbage fan either, different now fresh from the plot and half an hour later on the plate after a few minutes in the steamer. I think that’s why the girls like the homegrown veg, it has great flavour.

  17. Can’t you get someone to donate Dahlias for a givaway !!!!! although knowing your love for them too I expect you would keep them ha ha.
    I love that cabbage it looks perfect.

    • That would be great and test my impartiality! If there’s any other tubers you want let me know, your name is already on a piece of the Atika variety (plum couloured one). I’ll post some more Dahlia photos soon.

  18. Yes please!
    Am enjoying your pictures and feeling woefully inadequate.

  19. I’m a bit late commenting due to holidays but would love some nasturtium seeds if there are any left please.

  20. Where do you find the time to get everything on your website so soon after the Show. Well done on your success again and also Rachel and Chloe did well also, think I will have to get you involved on the committee. Lots of people asked me at the Show who D. Guttridge was and how big was his garden, they couldn’t believe it when I explained you only had small raised up beds.

    Definitely need to try and take cuttings from your dahlias. Pictures you put on your web site are great.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

  21. Hi Rose thanks very much, I’m getting used to uploading photos now so it doesn’t take too long. I must get copies of the ones you took of the presentations as Rach had her hands full with Chloe at the time. Well done for organising everything I know there’s a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. I’m always happy to get involved and help out however I can.

    I’ve got big plans on the Dahlia front for next year, there’ll be plenty of cuttings to go around.

    Lunch was tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, shallots in balsamic vinegar and green & red tomato chutney from last year. Now what’s for dinner!

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