I lifted my shallots at the weekend as the foliage was dieing back. I planted them way back on the 7th February along with the garlic and onion sets. The garlic has been a complete disaster, hardly any came through compared to last year when I had a good crop. And the onions haven’t been much better, pretty small compared to last year. I’m pleased with the shallots though, this year I’ve grown Golden Gourmet from sets and they are better than last year’s Grisselle variety.

I’ve set aside the best 20 or so to prepare for my local Horticultural Society’s Summer Show. I won 2nd prize last year and shared the Onion Cup so we’ll see what happens in a few weeks. I’ve peeled off any split skins and they’ll be left to dry for a while now. Then just before the show I’ll trim them up and tie the tops so they look the part. I think I’ll go back to overwintering my garlic, onion and shallot sets next time as it seems to produce better results.

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15 responses to “Shallots

  1. They look great Damo, almost as good as mine! Seriously, though, I am so impressed how you have kept this blog going over the busy months. keep up the good work pal.

  2. Fingers crossed for the horticultural show! You’ll have to post another picture when they’re all tarted up before the show…

  3. Look forward to seeing the cup!
    Have you tried planting garlic and letting it overwinter ?- we get our cloves started in a cold greenhouse in plots and plant out in about Feb but by then they have shooted and have leaves.

    • We’ll see Sue the onions are a bit rubbish which is my main concern. I think I’ll try the greenhouse approach on the garlic, good idea.

  4. I have to move into the whole onion/shallot/garlic field next season. I’ll probably dump some of the less successful exotics which haven’t been very successful. I suppose I’d better start reading up on the pros and cons of the onion clan!

  5. Of the three I only grow onions. This year’s don’t look quite as good as last year but that’s not really surprising!
    Good luck with the shallots at the show.

  6. Oh very impressive Damo – go for gold this year with your shallots! Sorry to hear about your garlic 😦

  7. Should have said pots not plots in my comment but I guess you figured that out – damn fingers!

  8. Wow! I hope you can take 1st place this year! I only just recently discovered shallots.

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