What’s next?

We’ve said goodbye to strawberries, raspberries, broad beans, cauliflower & calabrese but what’s next from the plot? In full production are the potatoes, courgettes, squash, runner and french beans, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and rocket but there are one or two delights left this summer before we get into the true winter veg.

The first are the cabbages, not a classic summer veg in my book, but will go nicely with a Sunday roast. These are the first I’ve grown successfully and I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out. I daren’t lift the mesh tunnel as I’d never get it back over them!

Then there’s the sweetcorn, my first, and from the near fever-pitch sense of anticipation from other bloggers’ posts it’s going to be fantastic. I can’t wait!

On the flower front there’s the promise of the Dahlia patch reaching full bloom and yet more sweet peas (keep on cutting them!).

And the wonderful gladioli, the Dame Edna Everage of flowers according to one of Edith’s recent posts and why not? Being a bit over the top sometimes is a good thing!

So a nod to what’s already been and gone and a look forward to the delights still to come. That’s what it’s all about!

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16 responses to “What’s next?

  1. No that’s just depressed me, making me think winter’s just round the corner ;>( Still plenty of French Beans to come (hopefully), pumpkins, raspberries, apples, etc before we get to winter veg!

  2. Ah yes I forgot about pumpkins and apples!

  3. Your cabbages are hearting up nicely! And you have a far more sensible mesh than us – ours has holes just big enough that the butterflies have long ago worked out that if they fold their wings back “just so” they can squeeze though 😦 So we’ll have to be vigilant on checking the foliage still.
    I’m really looking forward to our first ever sweetcorn harvest too!

  4. Nice cabbage; I’ve gone for winter cabbage, purely because I didn’t want too much during the summer months. I hope mine turn out, as cabbage is something we go through a lot of!

  5. looking bloomin’ brilliant! It is sad when favourites finish up for the season, I really miss my soft fruits and peas already but plenty more things to eat 🙂

    • Keep looking forward Carrie, I really want to pull some parsnips, wait for the first frosts I hear you cry, but surely a couple of nights in the fridge will do the job? My problem is I just can’t wait!

  6. It all sounds and looks good! I keep eying my yet to be lifted onions somewhat impatiently, and a couple of my gladioli will be flowering soon.
    As you rightly say ‘that’s what it’s all about’!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I sat under our netting weeding brassicas yesterday as the cabbage whites were everywhere.

  8. I bet that sweetcorn’s going to be fantastic! How many sweetcorn meals do you think you’ll be getting out of it?

  9. I may have to have some sweetcorn myself next year – how much room would you say each one needs?

    • Hi Paul, I’ve planted in a small block about 30-40cm apart as they are wind pollinated so you want to avoid a single long row for obvious reasons. I’ve got a squash and courgette growing beneath as well – bit of a tight fit but I haven’t got much space.

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