First Summer Cabbage

I harvested my first ever summer cabbage today and what a beauty it was!

And I found this little chappie hiding in the cabbage patch. He must be loving the dark damp conditions under my cabbages and eating all of the baby slugs for me.

Once I’d removed the outer leaves there was virtually no pest damage on the heart (thank-you Mr. Frog!) and it weighed in at 3 lbs. So guess what we’re eating for the next few days. It will go well with the leftover roast beef from Sunday.

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11 responses to “First Summer Cabbage

  1. Your photos of your lovely near perfect produce ready weeks before mine are making me feel inadequate – could you stop please?

  2. Whoops wrong place to comment, sorry about that!

    • No probs Flighty, and you’re absolutely right not all of them turn out this way which was my problem last year. Frogs are a great friend to us!

  3. We have cabbages too so plenty of cole slaw with salads. On Tuesday I disturbed a newt we have lots of amphibians on our plot as we are fairly near lakes etc. I can often be seen transporting frogs, toads and newts to safer places whilst we work. We had one large frog resident in our strawberry patch and he/she was most welcome.

  4. Nice looking cabbage that.

  5. That frog weighed 3 pounds!!! – wow he must have been eating a lot of slugs;-). I am envious of that cabbage, most of my brassicas just get decimated by critters no matter what I do to protect them.

    • I think I’ve been fortunate to have the frogs help and a garden that doesn’t seem to be overrun with snails and slugs. And they lived under an Environmesh tunnel their whole life which I’ve not moved until I lifted it to harvest. Not everything escapes the pests though, my second batch of caulies and calabrese has taken a battering!

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