Fork It!

Two weeks to go to our Summer Show and I’ve been checking to see how the veg is looking particularly those that take pride of place on the show bench. So I’ve been feeling around the tops of my carrots to see if there’s anything decent under the surface. The first signs were promising…………….

until I felt a large notch in the top and realised it had a split down one side!

Then there were these forked ones. Carrots are not easy veg to grow, I thought the soil was poor enough to avoid this problem. In last years show the judge couldn’t even bring himself to award a first prize, I got second and nearly didn’t enter them as I thought they were hopeless.

The Long Carrot experiment doesn’t look good either. I had germination problems to start with, then in the hot dry weather some went to seed. In the dustbins I reckon I’ll have a couple of decent ones but most are still pretty thin. Well live and learn, see what they look like in a couple of weeks!

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13 responses to “Fork It!

  1. Love the title! Oh dear, as you say carrots are not the easiest of show vegetables to grow even when the weather has been kind.
    Our show is in four weeks time where I’ll be stewarding rather than exhibiting, unless I’m a late entrant in one or two classes!

  2. But they’ll taste good so all is not lost!

    • They certainly will Sue, to be honest any carrot I’ve picked from the garden tastes much better than shop bought no matter what the size or shape!

  3. The carrott has mystery, my friend. Very good post, shame about the split. What’s causes that to happen, too much water?

    • They do indeed Ian, the split is either the nitrogen/potash ratio being too high or a shortage of water. With the summer we’ve had I’m guessing the latter.

  4. That is quite a long carrot! Sorry it was split! We had a hard time growing carrots. Only got little fat stubs. Sigh.

    • Hi, they are the veg I’ve had most trouble with and don’t seem worth the effort. That said I expect I’ll try again next year! One day!

  5. I’m rubbish with carrots. I tried some in pots this year – still a disaster. I reckon it’s something to do with my aversion to digging. Think I might try mini-varieties to see if they’ll do any better.

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