Glad All Over

At last the Gladioli are out in a burst of colour that brightens up the flower bed. I’ve planted two varieties this year, Passo and Mexico, and am hoping I can use them in our Summer Show next Saturday in the Master Gardener class, which is 3 veg and a vase of flowers. Hopefully they will be in flower at the right time!


11 responses to “Glad All Over

  1. Very pretty, and not at all beaten by the rain. And your title has me humming an old tune by the Beloved :-). Fingers crossed for your Summer Show!

    • I was thinking more Dave Clark Five! They’re standing up to the rain as it’s been pouring down here for a while now.

      • It’s been wet here too, though the sun has finally popped out and almost dried it all away. Lovely long shadows on the grass from the grazing sheep out of the window as I type this… (not ours, alas!)

      • Sounds idyllic, sun’s out here now too, must get a couple of jobs done before the light goes!

  2. Good colour! I’ve got some just starting to flower.

  3. Dear Damo, what a beautiful variety, it looks great beside the cornflowers.
    It’s quite an unusual colour too, think you might catch the judges’ eye,

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