Bonkers Beans!

Ok so my Onions are a disaster (can’t bring myself to write about them yet, I am yet to find Soilman’s ruthless honesty, I guess that will come eventually!). But the one thing that is thriving in the relatively dry weather are the green beans.

This is tonights harvest from a 6 foot wide cane trellis, half green beans and half runners. Whilst the runners are OK, the green beans have gone mad. I guess they like the drier weather.

So whilst Rach is at Pizza Express with girlfriends tonight I’m sampling the delights of home grown beans and spuds which will go nicely with a couple of pork neck fillets I think! It’s a hard life!!

Harvesting/Eating: French Beans, Runner Beans, Cucumber, Tomoto, Chilli, Squash, Carrots, Onions (what a joke!), Shallots, Lettuce, Rocket, Courgette, Cabbage, Potatoes, Swiss Chard.

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10 responses to “Bonkers Beans!

  1. Oooooh they look awesome. I grew some beans. “Trail of tears” they are called and rightly so. They didn’t do a bloody thing. They were pretty beans though…next year! Enjoy your spuds n beans.

    • Hi, thanks very much they tasted great! Sorry to hear of your trail of tears disaster. “There’s always next year” is a favourite saying amongst us veg growers!!

  2. My onions, which I started lifting this week, are certainly okay but not as good as last year. I’m sorry to read that yours have been a disaster.
    My French climbing and runner beans have both done well. I’m rather surprised at the latter as I understood that they don’t do well in dry, hot weather!

    • Thanks Flighty, not sure where I’ve gone wrong with the onions. The runners aren’t bad and as you say I did think they’d suffer in the dry weather, but the climbing french seem to be a much better crop than last year.

  3. Our French are ahead of iur runners too – just started picking the runners but French have been coming for a while!

  4. Oh sorry about your onions 😦 But horrah for the bean family!! Ours have been going for ever and we’re in glut mode at the mintue which is just fine by me 🙂 I like your harvest basket, I need to get me one of those.

    • Thanks Carrie, I think I’ll freeze some of the runners as there’s more than we’d normally eat at the moment. The basket cost £1 from a local summer fete towards the end of the day, should have bought more!

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