First Sweetcorn!

At last the highlight of the summer harvest has arrived, my first ever home-grown sweetcorn! I was hoping to reap the benefits of some early planting as the sweetcorn went in the new bed on 17th April and were protected by plastic bottle cloches. You can see their development over the last few months here, (they look tiny on May 25th), here, (a bit taller on June 12th) and here (the cobs had started to form by July 8th).

So I thought I’d check the most developed cob this evening and I’m glad I did as it was perfectly ripe.

I whipped it off the plant, and straight into the pan. Rach and I had half each with butter, salt and pepper, it was heaven!


15 responses to “First Sweetcorn!

  1. That really is early sweetcorn, mine are only just starting to flower. I think I’ll follow your lead and try to get an early sowing made next year.

    Which variety did you grow?

  2. Hi Amy, it’s a variety called Sweet Sensation, I think I got lucky weather-wise, they are in a bed that is quite sheltered and the plastic cloches kept the worst of the frosts away. I must admit I wasn’t expecting anything until next month but they did flower whilst we were on holiday which was end of June, so 7 weeks or so after that we have the first one.

  3. Excellent news! Looks like a tasty dinner was enjoyed!

  4. Hi Damo, Beautiful sweetcorn. Here’s to lots more, this season and next! Interplanted among the pumpkins ours almost take up negative space! I wasn’t sure whether they would live up to the hype but the taste is indeed amazing and they’re very low maintenance – even survived the howling gales of last month despite our hilltop location.

  5. WE were going to check ours yesterday but on the way to the plot it threww it down so we did a loop and came hole! Raining today as well!

  6. oo yummy. my early sweetcorn was knocked over by really strong winds and then devoured by some creature. ah well, a lesson learnt – support sweetcorn in windy weather. hoping to get to eat the next batch.

  7. Lucky you, that looks and sounds delicious! I’ve still got a few weeks wait for mine.

  8. HOORAH! brilliant times, ours are nearly ready, couple more weeks, then yum time, yours looked so good.

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