Domestic Goddess

Well not me obviously but Rach has been going mad in the kitchen ahead of the Summer Show next Saturday. So far I have sampled, and given verdict on, Carrot Cake (all gone), Malt Loaf, Lemon Curd, Plum and Strawberry jam. All very good and I can’t wait to try batch 2 of the cakes after the show. Still to come are sponge fruit flan, mince pies, cornish pasties and home made fudge. Oh and the pile of chutney we made last summer. This tasting job is hard work!


20 responses to “Domestic Goddess

  1. are you kidding me? These are all of my favorite things. Can I come over and try them too? Cornish pasties…..yum! Homemade baked goods. You are soooooooo lucky!

  2. Yummy! It all looks wonderful. This post made me hungry. 🙂

  3. Lucky you, I’d be more than happy to share all that hard work with you!

  4. Wow! That looks amazing! I attempted to make my own fudge earlier in the year and it was a complete disaster. I think the bottom of the pan I was using was too thin so it was difficult to get it to stay at a constant temperature…

    • Hi Amy, Rach is making the fudge now whilst our youngest is having her nap. She’s using a Le Creuset pan as we don’t have a proper preserving pan. The recipe says to boil for around 30 minutes to reach 118C soft ball stage. It’s Baileys and White Chocolate (BBC Good Food), looking forward to a sample!

  5. So how many pounds have you put on as a result of your hard work?

  6. This all sounds totally delicious. Our local produce show is coming up later in the month and the cake and jam categories are hotly contested. Good luck Rach with your entries.

  7. What a great job to have when all these goodies are being made, chief taster. Good luck next weekend. I’ve just been catching up on all your posts from when I was on holiday. I’m really envious of your sweetcorn, none for us this year so I’ll be going all out to get a decent crop next year.

  8. Gosh someone has been really busy and you can’t beat home grown and home made produce but where do you find the time?

    • Hi Joanne, you certainly can’t beat it. Tends to be when the kids have gone to bed there’s a couple of hours to get things done before we are completely done (in) for the day.

  9. Hope the fudge worked out for you. We’ve got a Le Creuset casserole dish… maybe I should have used that instead – didn’t occur to me to use that one! Baileys and White Chocolate sounds divine…

    • It was lovely, a BBC Good Food recipe. Rach has ordered a preserving pan as it’s difficult to get the jams up to temperature without them catching in the pans we have.

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