100 Not Out – Summer Show Results

Two things to celebrate this weekend, my 100th post and the results of the Winterslow & District Horticultural Society’s Summer Show which took place this afternoon. For 2009’s results click here.

The village hall was full of exhibits in the vegetable, flower, homecraft, fruit, flower arranging and children’s categories. I spent Friday afternoon and evening preparing and was up early to get to the staging at 8.15am. Two hours later I left the hall after staging 40 odd exhibits pretty exhausted and then returned at 3pm for the results:

Master Gardener Shield for three veg and vase of flowers
Joe Kiff Bowl for most points overall vegetables
RHS Banksian Medal for most points overall vegetables & flowers
Tomato Cup – joint winner
Lindsay Edwards Cup for most points in non-root vegetables classes 14-19
Chloe won the Juniors Certificate and prize for most points in the under 5s

I was really pleased that all my efforts paid off and the trophies look great. As part of their affiliation the society applies to the RHS for one Banksian medal per year which they present as their top prize and I’m allowed to keep it.

Other Veg results:
Society Top Tray (3 veg) – 2nd, Shallots – 2nd, Small/Cherry Tomatoes – 1st, Carrots – 2nd, Potatoes – 3rd, Salad Potatoes – 2nd, Dwarf French Beans – 1st, Climbing French Beans – 1st, Cucumber – 2nd, Any Other Non-Root Vegetable – 1st, Vegetables from my garden – 3rd, Salad Vegetables – 1st, Herbs – 3rd.

Flowers: 3 small Dahlias (one variety) – 1st, 3 minature Dahlias (one variety) – 2nd, 5 Dahlias (3 varieties) – 1st, 3 Cactus Dahlias – 2nd, Gladioli – 1st, Asters – 3rd, Vase of flowers (pink and white) – 3rd.

You’ll remember from this post that Rach was busily preparing for the homecraft section. She did very well narrowly missing out on the trophy for baking: Jam (stoned fruit) – 2nd (Plum), Selection of 3 preserves – 3rd, Carrot Cake – 2nd, Sponge Fruit Flan – 3rd, Malt Loaf – 2nd, Mince Pies – 2nd, Cornish Pasties – 1st, Fudge – 1st. I came 2nd in the Men’s baking class with an Apple Cake.

Chloe won a 1st for her Cardboard Clockface and a 1st for her drawing of a house.

I shared the Tomato Cup with two others, we each won 1st in one of the three tomato classes.

I can’t believe I’ve reached my 100th post! What started in November last year tentatively as a journal has picked up pace over the last 6 months with 6000 views and the discovery of a community of like-minded people to share the high and lows of this sometimes frustrating, but mainly rewarding pastime of ours. Thanks for following my progress and I hope you’ve found the site enjoyable. And roll on next years show!!


23 responses to “100 Not Out – Summer Show Results

  1. Well done Damo. The pictures look great. Well done to Rachel and Chloe.

  2. Congratulations on both the success you had at the show and also your 100th post. It’s nice to have something to keep too rather than handing everything back next year. I love to see the young ones getting involved, Chloe did really well.

  3. Thanks Jo we had a great day. And nice to have a momento to keep too.

  4. Excellent Damo – very well done to the three of you – no wonder you were shattered – did you sleep the night before? Have you room for all the cups?

    Congratulations on the 100 post to – keep on writing!

    • Hi Sue, thanks very much. Funnily enough both Emily and Chloe kept us up the night before, virtually unheard of as they normally sleep through, they must have known. The cups are in the display cabinet between the wedding photos, room for one or two more! I’ve enjoyed the blog thus far so I expect to keep going and going!!

  5. Way to go Dynamo. Congrats to you and all the family. A result well earned.

    Coincidentally my 100th post is coming up, but I can’t compete on the silverware front. As one long time allotment neighbour said to me: “The thing about you Mal, is that you are slow and steady”. The Edinburgh allotment show is not for another month, but I don’t think I’ll be going. The last one I went to the prizes were presented by the aspiring parliamentary candidate for the local consituency – Alasdair Darling He’s been a bit busy since but might be available again…

    • Haha Mal, Darling eh, always reminds me of Blackadder! Funnily enough Salisbury MP John Glen presented our prizes, more about that in my next post. I expect Darling is at a loose end now!

      There’s nothing wrong with slow and steady; I’ve a lot to learn still, our Chairman normally wins the top tray as his parsnips are always bigger than mine, so one to concentrate on next year.

      Thanks very much for your words of encouragement, I shall look out for your 100th post.

  6. I raise my glass, or rather cup of tea and say…well done indeed that’s all most impressive. You’re clearly well pleased and rightly so, especially as in many ways it’s not been the easiest of years weatherwise.
    I think that Chloe’s clock is brilliant so well done to her as well.
    Yet another well done on 100 posts, and may there be many more to enjoy in the future.

  7. Thanks Flighty it’s been a funny year for the weather, a harsh winter followed by a drought like spring and early summer. We’ve all done well to get so much out of our plots under the circumstances. I’ll join you in that cup of tea and maybe something stronger later when the girls have been tucked up in bed!

  8. Well done that man. They all look really good. I didn’t know about the Banksian medal but that’s quite something. Well done to Chloe too; the clock looks really good.

  9. Thanks very much she was really pleased with her award.

  10. You’re an inspiration Damo, keep on keeping on!
    Congratulations to alll of you.

  11. Congratulations, that’s an amazing haul for all of you, and a great reward after so much hard work all round. Thanks for the tips as well – stupidly I forgot to request follow-up notification on your comments so I didn’t find your response until after our show *doh* 🙂 Still, our sweet peas won second prize, and I took loads of photos of the veg so we know what to do next year, when at least the house won’t be distracting us any more! Shall have to remember to persuade our runner beans to be more straight next time…

    • Thanks and well done too, sweet peas is a hotly fought section in our show which I can’t get anywhere near. Some veg needs a little persuasion to conform, runners weren’t my strong point this year. There’s always something to learn and improve on!

  12. Well done! Gosh I feel so inspired if it wasn’t dark I’d nip to the plot right now. Lets see if the enthusiasm remains if it is raining again in the morning.
    Really well done!

  13. Thanks Damo for visiting, and leaving a comment my blog. I think I am pleased to have a grass snake in my compost bin? Well done on your achievements at your local show. I can imagine the hard work and commitment it takes to do so well. I liked this post. Cakes, Summer Squash and Dahlias are three of my most favourite things! You’re now in my blogroll to visit again.

    • They are three of my favourite things too! And thanks for your comment, I’ve added a link to you also (it’s the only way I can remember everyone’s site!). Good luck with your grass snake, I did see another slow worm last weekend underneath our beech hedge but no snakes yet.

  14. Damo, congratulation to you and your family for winning your cups. All the veg looks great and the clock is lovely and the pasties and fudge look delicious. I hope your dahlias are well staked, mine are getting a bit bent with all this rain and wind.

    • Thanks Maureen we had a great time. The Dahlias are staked and I’m fortunate to have them in quite a sheltered spot with high hedges on on the west and east side of the garden which keeps the worst of the wind off.

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