One of these days I gotta get myself organizized

One of my favourite Travis Bickle quotes from one of my all-time favourite films, although not everyones cup of tea I’m sure. It rang true over the last few days with the stress and my own dis-organisation ahead of our Summer Show.

The show would not have been possible without the organisation by the Committee, Stewards and Judges. With over 300 exhibits I am told it took a good hour and a half to make all the decisions.

Our local MP, John Glen, kindly presented the prizes. Now I must admit John I switched off when you started talking about David Cameron’s Big Society, but I appreciate you giving up your Saturday to present the prizes for our Society. You don’t need to waste your words on us John, your Salisbury seat is as safe as houses (even in these toxic debt times!).

Then there’s the clean-up, the garden looks like a storm has been through, discarded veg trimmings all over the place. So that’s the first job, a good tidy.

And lastly to look ahead, as summer draws to a close, what do I need to sow to guarantee a continuation of crops? What will overwinter? Two years ago with a relatively mild winter my onions, garlic and shallots did well and got a good head start but would they have survived last winter if I’d have done the same? So many decisions to make.

Finally I’ve started to dig up the main crop spuds. The Desiree look good.

This is your last chance to enter my free Land’s End Gift Voucher and Seed giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post, just click here. I’ll be drawing the gift voucher winners and despatching the seeds this weekend.


8 responses to “One of these days I gotta get myself organizized

  1. Soon we’ll be browsing the seed catalogues again won’t we?

  2. I haven’t started on the maincrops yet, I’m still digging the second earlies. My first and second earlies have produced really good harvests this year.

  3. I think that all show exhibitors are stressed and disorganised beforehand!
    I don’t know who’s presenting our prizes this year but I hope that it’s not the local MP, if it is I may well go walkabout during the presentation!
    I shall probably be lifing my Desiree maincrop potatoes over the weekend.

    • Hi Flighty, hopefully it won’t be your local MP! Best of luck with the maincrop, I also had Desiree and they were pretty good although not as big as the King Edwards. Quite a few of the King Edwards are good baking potato size which I was quite surprised at (first time I’ve grown maincrop).

  4. I’ve been sowing like mad; my utter ignorance means that I’m trying to grow everything through winter. I’m also soon going to be putting the doors back on the superbed for the winter salad experiment!

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