Aerial View

We’re having some work done at the side of the house and the scaffolding afforded me the opportunity to get a different perspective on the garden from just above the roofline.

There are a couple of veg beds in the front garden. The one by the front door you can’t see in this picture and it’s where the courgettes, squash, strawberries and raspberries live. At the far end by the road you can just see the newest bed behind the trees. In there are beetroot, brussels, sweetcorn, squash, pumpkins, celery, sprouting brocolli and cabbage. By the drive is the main flower bed and the rest is the girls domain with toys everywhere!

Most of the veg growing is in the smaller back garden where I have 3 beds and a greenhouse. Having just dug the onions and potatoes there’s quite a bit of space now, a month ago it was packed solid.

The aubergines are going mad in the greenhouse. I bought these two as tiny plants at our spring show so have no idea what the varieties are. One is producing a few standard looking egg-shaped fruits and the other is throwing out loads of long thin paler ones. Any ideas?

And so are the cucumbers, now we have more than we know what to do with.

I’m really pleased with the progress on the pumpkin front. These are Rouge Vif d’Etamps from seed Maureen kindly sent to me.

And the squash have been great this year.

There’s also plenty of colour in the garden, these are Asters, Appleblossom.

And the glads and the sweet peas are still going strong.

Lastly I’m really pleased with my first attempt at Dahlias, definitely going to grow more next year, I don’t think you can beat them for colour.

13 responses to “Aerial View

  1. Our plot neighbour grew the thin aubergines last year. Does it go any darker? I’ll see if he can remember what it was called. Aubergines never do very well for us I’m afraid. Your look prolific

  2. It’s nice to see the garden from a different perspective. Our garden used to be full of ride on toys when the kids were little, now there’s a ten foot trampoline stuck in the middle of the lawn.

    • Hi Jo the trampoline we’ve got is big enough hopefully, I can barely move it on my own! I spend most of my time moving the toys around so the grass has a chance of surviving.

  3. You sure do look as though you’ve made good use of all the available space that you have!

  4. Hi Damo, I love that you’ve even squeezed some vegetables into your front garden, a great idea. We’re debating where to plant our inherited Yorkshire rhubarb when we bring it over from its temporary home with a relative, and my husband is keen for it to go in the flower beds so as not to pinch any space from the vegetable patch, which has been pretty crowded this year already. The front garden could be an interesting alternative… Great riot of colour in the flower beds, and your crops are looking good, particularly those stunning pumpkins, and your aubergines. Might have to try an aubergine plant next year, though I’m the only one who really eats them… Sara

    • Hi Sara, Rhubarb in the front garden would be great, why not! I am itching to dig up more grass to convert to veg beds but need to restrain myself as it’s more work!!

  5. Great garden! Nice harvest and beautiful flowers. I wish I had a green house too, lucky you! Hopefully someday for me. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  6. I love growing the Rouge vif D’etamps pumpkins. They ripen to an amazing deep golden, ginger colour and keep really well way past Christmas.

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