Flower Power Slide Show

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Does exactly what it says on the tin, enjoy!


16 responses to “Flower Power Slide Show

  1. Your dahlias are just fabulous. You are making me want to have a go at growing them next year.

  2. look brilliant shame you canot eat them
    well done Paul

  3. You certainly like your dahlias. They’re very impressive.

  4. Ohhhhh they are beautiful, well done on such a fabulous show of perfect flowers. M x

  5. What a great selection of blooms. I think I’ll have a go at growing more dahlias next year.

  6. Our dahlias are just starting to produce enough flowers for the house. I think we have the same orange pompom type as you. Do you leave them in over winter or lift?

    • Sue, I’m going to lift and label with variety, colour, height and store in the garage overwinter. I’ll then force cuttings in the spring and also divide some of the tubers if they are large enough. If there is any you particularly like I can always send a bit of tuber over in the post to you, let me know.

  7. Thanks, I really enjoyed that!

  8. lovely!! oh i’d love a bunch to cheer me and this dull day up x

    • I know what you mean, just got back from a weekend away and the sight of the flowers in the garden made me smile, I do love the colours, food for the soul!

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