We were up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, this weekend for my friend Adam’s 40th. We stayed at a lovely guest house which we highly recommend for anyone staying in the town. Saturday was spent looking around which included tea and cake at the world famous Bettys.

Harrogate is a lovely place and well kept; the flowerbeds, packed with summer bedding, are all over the town and its open spaces and parks are treasured. Harrogate also plays host to some great horticultural shows, the Autumn Show is September 17th-19th.

And that night we dressed up for a Medieval Feast at the Priest’s House near Bolton Abbey, Skipton.

It was a great party with 30 of us in full medieval fancy dress, a traditional banquet served in a bread bowl, (which you ate after the last of the main courses was served), in an amazing medieval setting. We had soup, salmon and prawns, lamb shank, chicken & pheasant, the King’s stew, poached pear & ice cream and cheeseboard (I think there was also a vegetarian option!). More food than we needed really with large jugs of ale, cider and wine on the table. Fantastic night courtesy of our hosts.

And by popular demand here we are in our medieval garb!

In the garden you turn your back for a couple of days and courgettes become marrows!

In the flower bed the asters are now in full bloom.

And my last variety of Gladioli, Mexico, are finally out. Thank you to all who entered my free giveaway competition, prizes will be despatched soon. Have a great week!


8 responses to “Harrogate

  1. So you were up in our neck of the woods!

  2. Damien,
    What a disappointment…..we were waiting with baited breath for a piccie of you in medieval garb, spoilsport!

    • OK Claire I’ve bowed to pressure and added a photo not the most flattering to be honest but you get the idea. There was a professional photographer at the event doing promo shots for the venue as we were one of the first groups to all dress up. So we may have some better shots soon.

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend, and so close to where I live too. You both look wonderful in your medieval costumes. Lucky you having a trip to Betty’s. The last time I went there was in Ilkley.

    • Thanks Jo, I love this part of the world, used to go there fairly regularly as a kid living in Oldham it wasn’t too far aware and my Dad is a big hill walker/climber so North Yorkshire was always popular. Betty’s was good, tea and cake you can’t go wrong really.

  4. Wow that sounds like fun! The gladioli look fab – mine have not done so well this year.

    • It was great thanks. I’m really pleased with the glads as it’s the first year I’ve grown them, great colour. Sorry to hear yours haven’t done so well, it’s been a bit hit and miss this year on all fronts.

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